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Categories Features
Created by Claire A
Created on Aug 9, 2023

The new research tab in the Feature needs to include idea #

Ideas were recently moved from the related tab to a new research tab.

The new research tab (or lightbulb icon) within the feature shows the idea name but not the idea reference number which is what we use for a range of visibility/communications with internal and external stakeholders. The new feature has added several additional clicks, annoyance, and admin burden to my day and just overall feels over-engineered. I wish there was just a way we could add the idea number into the research tab so I don't have to then click into the idea to find the number then navigate back to the feature.

In one instance, I have 3 ideas feeding into the feature. Today during a meeting where I was sharing my screen I had to keep clicking around awkwardly to get to the idea number they were asking for. This was a much more seamless experience before.
My workaround will soon be adding the idea numbers with the names to a comment within the feature to have easier access to the idea #. That feels like an unnecessary workaround since we used to have this visibility when the ideas were in the Related tab.

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  • Claire Appling
    Aug 28, 2023

    Hey Aha! team - thank you so much for shipping this, it's already helping!

    Have a great day