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Created by Emily Yankush
Created on Jul 10, 2023

Remove requirement to open document within 5 days

When sharing a document out with my colleagues, someone may not have time to access it within 5 days. I may be linking to a document in "My Work" that is part of an idea I submitted to give further context, or drafting a training I want to share with my lead next week. It's not guaranteed that the reader will open the link within 5 days.

I can understand why the current behavior may be preferable from a security standpoint, but it's not how I'm used to other platforms working (Google drive, Confluence, etc.)

    Sep 7, 2023

    Thanks for the idea!

    With today's product launch, we have removed the 5-day expiration when sharing a document invitation link to improve collaboration.

    You can disable the link whenever you choose. If you disable the link, anyone who has the link but has not yet accepted access to the document will not be able to access it.

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