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Status Future consideration
Categories Integrations
Created by Kevin Martin
Created on Apr 13, 2023

Integrated icon or color on release column of board views to show integration linked

My users are expected to help keep their roadmap releases integrated to the tools of the engineering team (jira or Azure Devops). They need to link the release to the jira release or ADO iteration path, to keep roadmaps and scope alligned in both tools.

As users who rarely understand the integration complexities, they often forget about the details of properly linking up the release objects for the integration. So they often have a next release cycle or several cycles unlinked, then ask an admin why work is not integrating properly after they recognize work is diverging/unintegrated.

If there was an 'linked/integrated' icon or some type of 'integrated' color (any visible clue the release is unlinked) in top of the board columns, perhaps their eyes will see that the release is not integrated. They need an obvious reminder to link the objects.

The 'integration' link found in overview of release details is not adequate to remind them of this pre-requisite.

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