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Created by Justin Beardslee
Created on Nov 29, 2022

Make Whiteboard Stickies Linkable/Clickable

I am beginning to use the Whiteboard feature to map out the Objectives and Epics my Product Team plans to work on each Program Increment over time. I want to be able to link the stickies on the Whiteboard to actual existing Objective or Epic records inside of Aha. Ideally, a viewer of the Whiteboard would be able to simply click a sticky, which represents an Objective or Epic, and be taken directly to that record inside of Aha.

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  • Guest
    Mar 4, 2024

    While the visibility and functionality of the "Convert to ..." options is excellent, the corresponding method to link to an existing record is definitely lacking.

    Unfortunately, I spent a fairly reasonable chunk of time today finding out how to insert links to existing features. Through my own trial & error I learned about pasting the link to the existing item to have it show up. My next challenge was to try and figure out how to get my "pasted" content to look like the sticky note I was trying to have as the "linked" item.

    Simply put - the actions to do this linking are not intuitive. And, if you have done some brainstorming and want to link to multiple features/items, its a bit of a pain to replace each of these items rather than link a whiteboard component to an existing record. This is especially true if you have connections to that item to illustrate things like dependencies.

    I have to admit - the documentation to accomplish this is pretty good - but I never saw it until a coworker pointed me to one of the tutorials. So much of the Aha product has been so intuitive to learn that I've used the documentation & tutorials very little. Even some basic "googling" didn't present any of the Aha help content to get me started in the right direction. So, while I've learned to use the available resources for next time, I still think some very small improvements would go a long way to making this much more friendly.

    1. Allow linking - perhaps by changing the shape to "feature card" in the way you can do once linked
    2. Allow creating linked items from the "create" panel. Again, treating this the way you would when changing the shape would help make everything feel seamless.

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  • Admin
    Sarah Moisan-Thomas
    Dec 28, 2022

    Instead of pasting a link into the text of a sticky note, you will need to paste the URL directly into your whiteboard, and this will create a new object on your whiteboard. Here are the steps to try this out:

    1. Navigate to the feature or other Aha! record that you want to link to

    2. Copy the URL from the address bar or by clicking the feature number at the top of the page

    3. Navigate to your whiteboard, but don't select any whiteboard objects

    4. Paste the URL using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V

    5. You should see a new whiteboard object appear with the link to your feature

    It is a bit hard to find this option today, and we will consider adding an option to create these record links from the whiteboard itself. Hopefully this workaround will be useful in the meantime, let us know what you think!

  • Justin Beardslee
    Dec 23, 2022

    I was looking for that hyperlink option when I was using the text editor for the stickies but I couldn't find it. Can you please point me to that or line out the steps to achieve what you're suggesting? Thanks!

  • Admin
    Sarah Moisan-Thomas
    Dec 22, 2022

    One option that you could try today is to copy and paste the URL of your Objective, Epic, or other Aha! record into a whiteboard. That will create a record object on the whiteboard with a link icon you can use to open that record directly. Could you give that a try and let us know if that might work for you, or if you would still prefer to use sticky notes on your whiteboards? Thanks!