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Created by Alexis Idlette-Wilson
Created on Oct 5, 2022

Quickly select multiple items in list report for bulk edit

I frequently use the bulk edit feature in list reports but I don't see a way to quickly select multiple list items for the bulk edit. I have to check each checkbox individually. This is just busy work that doesn't add value but adds a couple minutes to my work time every time I need to make a lot of bulk changes.

The feature would save a ~couple minutes a week but I also see it as an expected convenience.

If there is a feature for this, I've missed it. I see other comments referencing the ability to do this on a Mac but I don't see any way to do this.

    Oct 7, 2022

    When using the bulk edit functionality, you can select items individually or click the very first checkbox on the report to automatically select everything in the list. We recommend using the filters to narrow down your report to the records you want to bulk edit and then using this select all option.

    Please reach out to our Customer Success team at for additional assistance if you need it.

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