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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Sanchit Jain
Created on Jun 6, 2022

SCIM Integration


Use case- SCIM integration would allow admins to provision/de-provision users and manage their access via Azure AD, Okta or any other IDP. With SCIM integration, user management would be streamlined and better organized.

I am mentioning few links below that would help you learn more about SCIM:

I came across idea posted long ago but it still seems to be in future consideration, possibly due to less number of votes. I would request you to please give it a thought and consider the implementation.

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  • Yoshua Israel
    Nov 27, 2023

    My company has 150 users with paid licenses and another 600+ with reviewer and viewer access. The ability to maintain large teams would be much more easy if we had SCIM provision because its a heavy task that requires a lot of time to find out who has not used the app, remove the license, update permissions and such.

    How many votes would we need realistically to see a change?

  • Lisa Richter
    Sep 28, 2023

    This would be huge time savings. While it's not an issue to manage the handful of Collaborators and Owners, it's big impact to manage the other role types. Being able to sync active directory seems like a no brainer.

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