CRM functionality inside Aha!

You might probably not want to go down that route, but it could be nice to have some kind of light CRM functionality as well. Companies, contacts, notes etc. Especially as people communicate with outside world, it will be very beneficial to know with whom, when, what we talked about and what are the next steps:

* Company

* Different locations of that company (subsidiaries)

* Under each subsidiary there will be particular contacts

* Activities – like call, email, meeting notes – what was discussed, so we don’t have to keep that information in our heads or CRM (some of the companies don’t want to have a CRM)

Yes, you do have integration, but SalesForce is full featured CRM. But there are different reasons for your internal CRM:

* Any team can use your internal CRM as it will be inside of Aha! without proper CRM implementation project which they might never get approved internally

* Smaller teams will never get big CRM and it is even useless, but they need “contact management”

* It can reminder them to call, send an email, do something, so they will never forget anything. Now, you have to be in Aha! and actively work in it. Then, Aha! will tell you what to do (as you will setup and reminder), so you can sleep better not forgetting anything. Or Aha! can tell you that somebody else is waiting for your work (because of dependencies). Maybe you already have all of this, I only saw the Aha! demo so far, but I have to start very soon in the trial version itself.

All of the above regarding CRM functionality might be tight to product roadmap as you have partners/vendors/customers with whom you communicate anyway, so why not managing that as well in Aha!. Examples:

* You can keep the history of communication in one place, so if your team grows or people change, you don’t lose that

* Let’s say you are launching new product in more countries and you have 1 or more agencies to help you with that. It is the same product launch, but different people in different countries. It would be great to track that as well.

I can come up with more scenarios when and how I would use it. Again, once people start to use it, they would not go searching for anything else.

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  • Oct 23 2018
  • Unlikely to implement
Release time frame
  • Oct 23, 2018

    Admin Response

    Thank you for the well thought out idea. There are a few things you could do currently to track this type of information within Aha! such as:

    Our Customer Success team ( can also provide additional guidance on these options.

    At this time, given the options above and current priorities, we are unlikely to add specific CRM functionality. We hope you can understand.

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