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Created by Karla Johnson
Created on Mar 22, 2022

When exporting , allow for the option to export Notes fields as HTML

Currently the export function strips formatting from Notes fields, so in case where we want to adjust offline (e.g., amend data) and import back, we lose all formatting. It would be great if we are able to maintain the formatting on export so we can import it back.

Use case:

We recently had a need to merge two (or more) Notes field into one to simplify the user experience. Since this is local to a specific team, we cannot use the Merge function of the field since it would merge it for ALL users. As a result, we had to do an export, then manipulate the data offline (copy one field to the other and/or amend), and import back into the new field. However, many of the data was formatted, and as much as we tried to automate the merge in Excel to add HTML code, we couldn't replicate what was originally there. It would be great if on the export you allow for the option to export note fields as HTML so that we can maintain the formatting and be able to import back formatted data.

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    Chrissi McNamara
    Mar 22, 2022

    Hi! When exporting a report with description or note fields, you can choose to include the formatting in your export. From the More options (...) button on the upper-right of the column, click Format column > Rich text export.