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Status Already exists
Categories Epic
Created by Nerissa Muijs
Created on Aug 11, 2022

Ability to convert text field to note field in custom fields/layouts

We would like to be able to convert a text-based field to a note-based field in custom layouts by editing the field.

Use case: We set up a set of fields to build a report, and one field (path to green) is a text field. We've since realised that this field would better serve us as a note field that can have supporting information and screenshots etc added to it. However, the fields are all mature enough now that we have a bunch of reports pulling from that field, so replacing it will cause a lot of manual work and headaches for the extended team.

We also would expect that the content remains in place.

I have no wish to convert the other way (add limitations by converting from a note to text).

    Aug 11, 2022

    It is currently possible to convert custom fields to a different type. Please see this article for information and reach out to our Customer Success team at if you need additional assistance.

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