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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Oct 14, 2021

Make Develop Planning Poker extension work better for video grooming sessions

First, I know that this extension is a good example for you to use for teaching people how to change/develop them, but I strongly recommend adding a few larger numbers to the current list that ends in 8. I think that’s too small for anybody, and this will be more usable out of the box without forcing people to make changes on their own if you add a few more.

Also, I’m curious how you see this extension being used in practice. On our team, typically someone shares their screen to walk through items needing estimation, and that person may or may not be voting themselves. But the fact that they’re sharing their screen (which is a very common way of doing planning poker) means two things:

  • If they don’t vote, they can’t tell when everyone else is done voting without having to ask—which gets old.

  • If they do vote, then everyone else can both see what they voted (which is not a huge deal), but then can also see how everyone else voted as soon as they vote, which we’d prefer to avoid.

It might be better if one could see that people have voted, but not see WHAT they voted until after voting themselves, rather than not seeing anything at all until after voting. That would allow screen sharing without divulging results prematurely to people who haven’t voted yet, and the presenter could just easily wait until everyone present has voted and then vote last, at which point the actual vote scores would appear.

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