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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Tobias
Created on Jul 5, 2021
Merged idea

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Drag and drop on custom roadmaps (Gantt charts) Merged

It would be very helpful to have a drag and drop functionality on custom roadmap Gantt charts, or on all gantt charts as a matter of fact.

Currently, there are three Gantt chart views which support drag and drop editing of start and end dates of records: the starter roadmap, the release roadmap and the strategic roadmap.

Part of my use case in Aha! is capacity planning with a lot of data integrated automatically from Atlassian Jira. In our products, we need to group records according to custom fields like which team works on a feature and which internal software component is affected by the feature.

Creating custom roadmaps for capacity planning works fine, but adjusting start and end dates requires selecting a record, opening the details panel on the right side and adjusting the dates. This quickly becomes very tedious.

Therefore, the same drag and drop mechanism for custom roadmaps as for the three others mentioned above would be very helpful.