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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Harrison Hopkins
Created on Dec 16, 2020

Hide the details panel when selecting multiple cards using [SHIFT]

Short summary

As an Aha user, I'd like for the Details panel to automatically hide when I select multiple cards using SHIFT, so that I can see the Features Board when reordering and moving the selected Features.

Detailed summary

When in the Features Panel, users are able to select multiple Feature cards using [SHIFT]. This feature is used to move Features in bulk between or within Releases.

To use this feature, the user first selects an individual Feature. On selecting this feature, the Details panel on the right automatically opens showing the full Details view for the Feature. The user then holds [SHIFT] and selects the last Feature that they want to select, and then all Features between the first and last selected Features are selected.

At this point, the user is usually planning to move the selected Features. However, the Details panel stays open, reducing the amount of viewable space on the board and often times covering the Release that the user wants to move the Features to.

Proposed solution

I propose the following as a solution:

  • The Details panel should automatically close when the user selects multiple Features using [SHIFT]

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