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Bug with Copy / Pasting in Whiteboards

Who would benefit? everyone What impact would it make? would permit Copy/Pasting... How should it work? Steps to Repro: Copy something using Cmd+C on Mac (from any source) Click on a Whiteboard table cell Press Cmd+V Expected Outcome: It pastes......
Marc Kirmoyan 8 months ago in Whiteboards 3 Will not implement

Link whiteboard boxes to ideas, features or initiatives

Who would benefit? Product Team What impact would it make? Speed up the planning of new features and initiatives as we wouldn't be duplicating work and can see linked items How should it work? On the Whiteboad, we can already convert a box / item ...
Guest 8 months ago in Whiteboards 1 Already exists

Allow to use Lean Canvas templates in Custom note fields

It should be fairly easy to enable the use of a Lean Canvas templates in a custom note.
Edgar Holguin 9 months ago in Whiteboards 3 Already exists

Whiteboard template linking to existing Epics, Features and Stories

As as SAFe practitioner, we use lean portfolio management techniques across more than 40 teams, rolling up programs at the Program Increment level on a quarterly basis. Our Epics and Features are created in User Story Maps (love this feature) well...
Chris Lenzo 9 months ago in Whiteboards 2 Already exists

Sticky notes in Whiteboard automatically update text based on colour

Miro has some smart automation where changing a sticky note colour (for example, black or white), will automatically update the text within it. This ensures that text contrast works and remains visible within the sticky note. Having this would mea...
Terence Osmeña 10 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Unable to adjust vertial or horizontal text box on Whiteboard

I want to adjust the vertical or horizontal size without increasing the other or increasing the text size. I do not get an up, down, left or right arrow to do so only a diagonal arrow which increases the size of the box in both plus the size of th...
Daniel Lynch 11 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Embed Whiteboard in description in integrations

If the old mockup function is getting deprecated, it really would be nice if whiteboards were embedded into descriptions so that we can quickly create what we need to and have it as part of the attachments that flow into our dev systems.
Nikhil B about 1 year ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Add person shape to whiteboards

I'd like to be able to map out a use case map using Whiteboards, and it would be helpful to include a "person" shape. It would also be good to have a "team" shape available
Madeleine Black about 1 year ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Whiteboard - integrate with stylus

Blackboards were frequently used during SAFe training to quickly diagram and note take. Appears to be a blank shape used initially, but the stylus had a quick way to change colors from the instructor before writing directly within the blackboard. ...
Laurel McHugh about 1 year ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Whiteboard template - Feature comparison

Stickies begin blank. Team is to input the features as they are deciding what items would be promoted into the iteration planning. Team will input a benefit hypothesis for each feature Upon deciding on one or more features, acceptance criteria are...
Laurel McHugh about 1 year ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration