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Status Future consideration
Categories Whiteboards
Created by Dale Potter
Created on Mar 14, 2024

Whiteboards: generate summaries of selected objects using AI

Who would benefit?

Whiteboards users

What impact would it make?

Simplify the process of summarizing the contents of a whiteboard

How should it work?

  • User selects object(s)

  • Select option to "Summarize with AI"

  • AI generates summary and adds it to the whiteboard (right drawer perhaps?)

  • To take it one step further:

    • Let the user save the summary in the description of a new or existing record, and

    • If any of the objects are records, provide the option to associate them as children of the summary record

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  • Admin
    Dale Potter
    Mar 14, 2024

    A few potential use cases:

    • Summaries:

      • Generate a summary of the whiteboard that stakeholders can review when they look at a whiteboard for the first time

      • Create an executive summary to show the outcome of a planning/design session in a whiteboard. As an example, generate a one page summary to share with key stakeholders after a SAFe PI planning event conducted in a whiteboard

    • Let's say I create a user story map. I'd like to select a group of features and automatically generate a summary to be used as the "description" field of a parent record (epic or release for example)

    • Generate a summary talk-track that can be used when presenting a whiteboard