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Status Will not implement
Categories Whiteboards
Created by Marc Kirmoyan
Created on Oct 25, 2023

Bug with Copy / Pasting in Whiteboards

Who would benefit?


What impact would it make?

would permit Copy/Pasting...

How should it work?

Steps to Repro:

  1. Copy something using Cmd+C on Mac (from any source)

  2. Click on a Whiteboard table cell

  3. Press Cmd+V

Expected Outcome:

  1. It pastes...

Actual Outcome:

  1. It pastes "v"

I have to double click into the cell to get into "flashing text cursor mode" then press Cmd+P to paste

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  • Admin
    Sarah Moisan-Thomas
    Oct 25, 2023

    Thanks for reporting this issue with pasting into tables! Our engineering team is investigating it now.

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