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Use "link document type" in equations

What is the challenge? When reporting on linked documents and ideas from the research tab to validate supporting research, the "link document type" is not available in equations to perform calculations on linked items. What is the impact? The link...
Nathaniel Collum 2 months ago in Ideas research / Reports 0 Future consideration

Provide option to select from Aha! users to invite to an empathy session

Who would benefit? Teams who are looking to use empathy sessions for internal collaboration where the majority of invitees are Aha! users What impact would it make? Would allow product teams to facilitate internal collaboration and feedback sessio...
Erin Ward 8 months ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Choose between single choice or multiple choice polls

It would be helpful to have a multiple choice polling option in addition to single choice so poll participants can select multiple of the provided answers.
Rose Smith over 1 year ago in Polls 0 Future consideration

Allow promoting an Idea to a KR when KR options are released

Who would benefit? Customers who have incoming ideas that are in line with existing KRs and their related objectives. Customers who use the Idea portal as an incoming request portal for prioritization review. (Trimble does this) What impact would ...
Daniel Brosh 3 months ago in Ideas research 0 Likely to implement

Rename empathy sessions

Who would benefit? Align terminology with what we use it for Early adopter/BETA What impact would it make? Make it easier for the team to adopt it How should it work? Custom terminology like other aha! features.
Guest 4 months ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Whiteboard thumbnail in Concepts on Research Tab

Whiteboards are a very visual concept. I would like to be able to see a preview/thumbnail of my whiteboards in the concepts section of the research tab as the title alone might not be enough for me to decide if that is the asset I want to review. ...
Bonnie Trei 11 months ago in Ideas research 0 Future consideration

Embed videos and images in an Empathy Session

Who would benefit? product managers and customers providing feedback What impact would it make? Allow PM's to explain answers to questions for empathy session participants or record demo videos for design feedback with additional context. How shou...
Guest 8 months ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Support in-app feedback widget in mobile apps

In-app feedback widgets are great for collecting social feedback from specific pages in web applications. It would be great to also collect feedback from users through any iOS and Android apps we provide them as well. We would like the same abilit...
Shawn Zenz over 3 years ago in In-app feedback 3 Future consideration

Screenshot in browser widget

Allow customers to upload screenshots of what they are looking at when they have feedback. Would also be cool if they could crop it with a selection.
Guest over 3 years ago in In-app feedback 0 Future consideration

Initiate polls or empathy sessions from AI Exploration themes

Who would benefit? Product managers exploring deeper insights about ideas that are related as identified by AI Exploration. What impact would it make? Expedite feedback in a very targeted manner to inform Product Managers of potential value of bui...
Bonnie Trei 4 months ago in Ideas research 0 Future consideration