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Have a Release Workflow Custom Status trigger the Send to JIRA action

In the end I just want to be able to manage the Send to JIRA trigger action via either my Features Workflow or my Releases Workflow. Send to Dev to me equates to send to JIRA. I will want to make sure my status is updated throughout, so I will alw...
Guest about 9 years ago in Releases 2 Unlikely to implement

Requirement > Convert to Feature - copy feature parameters to requirements

When converting a requirement to feature, the main parameters of the parent feature should be copied to the new feature converted from requirements
Alejandro Blaas about 9 years ago in Features 0 Already exists

Add tool tips throughout Aha!

- I don't like that there are no tool tips or little question marks to click on a particular field to re-read the handy adivce you've already given. Once you start typing the advice disappears.
Melissa Hopkins about 9 years ago in  0 Unlikely to implement

Add feature areas to organize product features

As a product manager I need feature areas so that I can manage and balance a large set of features more easily. It is difficult to gain overview and manage a large number of features without the concept of feature area. It is not enough to have t...
Guest about 9 years ago in Features 1 Already exists

Work with Confluence for PRD Documents

Currently we use Confluence PRD documents: It would be great if we could find some way to combine this with Aha. Otherwise, we spend time duplicating information from insi...
Guest about 9 years ago in Integrations 11 Already exists

Zendesk // Link to feature or requirement

Currently we only have ability to link the ticket to idea or to create idea in Aha!. But if the ticket already exists, we can not link it to existing feature or requirement.Or if we want to create directly feature or requirement, it is not possibl...
Mia Rucevic about 9 years ago in Integrations 5 Will not implement

Kanban - filter on product line

Hi, please could you add an filter option for Kanban board to filter on Product Line? For each customer we have setup a product line with (for some customers) many products in it. So it should be great to change filter quickly on one or more produ...
Guest about 9 years ago in Features 0 Already exists

Allow configuring default Settings for your site

Under the current default Settings, capacity planning is turned off. Our site would like to have the default ON, and to have the default to enter effort at the requirement level.
Guest about 9 years ago in Product 0 Unlikely to implement

"Select All Current and Future Releases" within many views in Aha! (including roadmap timeline)

I love that I can save views, however, in the roadmap when save a view with all of the current releases selected, then add a new release, that new release is not reflected in the saved view - I must go back and manually edit the saved views as new...
Guest about 9 years ago in Reports 2 Already exists

Idea Portal - Conditional Flow

Instead of a per product Idea portal which may have different custom fields depending on the product. It would be nice to have one portal with just a conditional flow so if the user chooses a specific product, the fields associated with that produ...
Guest about 9 years ago in Ideas 1 Already exists