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Color Coding is broken

Usually initiative colors show up in the icon in the pivot report - but those icons are all showing up as blue regardless of the initiative color. This just started happening since Friday, 3 days ago. Do you know what is causing this?
Anthony B almost 2 years ago in Roadmaps 6 Shipped

Drag & Drop glitch in Dashboards

When creating a dashboard and managing panels, there is a glitch in the dashboard that send your panel to the very bottom when you are trying to drag and drop the panel. The experience with this glitch, requires you to drag and drop that panel fro...
Guest about 3 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Shipped

Be able to add Release under Initiatives in the strategy roadmap view

I think it would be view helpful to be able to add releases under the initiatives in the strategy roadmap view. This would be similar to the release gantt chart where you can add phases or features and expand/collapse them from the release. I woul...
Guest over 4 years ago in Roadmaps 1 Shipped

Use feature colour coding on starter roadmap

It would be really useful if on the starter roadmap view that you could make features use their status colour coding. Currently all features are a single colour, so there is no way to show progress on the items. Using the standard colour coding wo...
John Biltcliffe over 6 years ago in Roadmaps 2 Shipped

Consistency in filtering roadmaps by "persona" type custom fields

When I filter a roadmap by a "persona" type custom field, I only want to see the selected personas. Today, if I have a feature that impacts multiple personas (example: Rad Tech and Service Engineer) and filter just by Service Engineer, The Rad Tec...
Guest over 4 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Shipped

Allow the format of the Portfolio Roadmaps be used for other strategic roadmaps

There is a desire to create strategic roadmaps within Aha, but the views are very "Gant Chart" style/format. The Portfolio roadmap view is visually appealing, but it seems to only allow me to use that view with releases on a roadmap. It seems like...
Guest about 6 years ago in Roadmaps 2 Shipped

Hide Features label in Feature Roadmap when no Feature is chosen

When you select no Features for display in the Features Roadmap, you are left with a Features Heading and an empty box. It would be great to have both of them disappear when you don't select any features.
Aldon C about 6 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Shipped

Update + Existing Features behavior on Releases Overview to be consistent with other Options for adding Features to this view

There are a couple of different ways of adding features to the Releases -> Overview/Roadmap views. The different approach have different behavior and the behavior for one of the methods is quite disruptive to the schedule. The scenarios apply w...
Matt Case over 6 years ago in Releases / Roadmaps 1 Shipped

Include the Gen AI Model Aha is using to Generate Text in Aha Editor

I read through your post about including of Gen AI features to draft text. However, I couldn't find any mention of the model that Aha is using to generate text. For security and compliance reasons, it is necessary for me to know the model so that ...
Avinash Verma 5 months ago in Roadmaps 1 Shipped

Roadmap should display without problems in Idea Portal

Currently the Roadmap within an Ideas Portal behaves buggy, sometimes when the page is loaded the height of the roadmap is reduced so that it is not displayed correctly.
Product M 9 months ago in Roadmaps 1 Shipped