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Auto-hide shipped master features on the strategic roadmap

It would be useful to have a toggle or filter to hide all shipped master features (those with the green tick) on the strategic roadmap. After a while these clutter the view and persist even if the date ranges fall outside of the MF start/end dates...
Max O. over 1 year ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Add Visual Effort Indicator to Features on Starter Roadmap

Our business stakeholders, rightfully so, need to understand the level of effort involved in the various items on our roadmaps. At the most basic level, this equates to showing them the number of developers involved in a given item (epic/feature),...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Capacity planning / Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Ability to sort the pivot table based on Iteration

Pivot table is created with Iterations as the Column headers. But unable to sort them based on the iteration numerically. E.g. Sprint 1 to Sprint 10 is created. Sorting this in descending order alphabetically sorts the Sprints 9 to Sprint 2 correc...
Revathi Doddaballapur over 1 year ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Be able to have TBC in roadmap if no dates set yet not long extended bars

At the moment - if your creating a roadmap to show your features - so you select by feature start date / end date in custom roadmap, if any of the features do not have dates yet selected, the long extended bars show that make it seem the feature i...
Guest over 1 year ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Have option to roll up dates only when all children are defined

My use case is that I have an initiative with 2 epics in it. One epic has dates, and the other does not. In this case, I would prefer if the initiative does not inherit dates. This would allow me set initiative dates to calculate off child records...
Topher speth over 1 year ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Add custom timescales for business specific roadmaps

We use a custom timescale to communicate to our business stakeholders when a particular feature or initiative willl land. We would like to show that custom timescale on a roadmap.
Andrew Brooks about 3 years ago in Roadmaps 3 Future consideration

Add Release/Schedule Phase expandable grouping to Features Roadmap

I use the Project template and love the Features Roadmap - except that I cannot customize enough. Some of my projects have a lot of activities in the phases and when I do an Activities Roadmap, I would LOVE if it would arrange the Activities into ...
Jamie Lefkovics over 1 year ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

On the Starter Roadmap, add a way to filter out weekends from the calendar

On the starter roadmap, the dates are displayed, but the weeks start on Sunday and run through Saturday. This isn't super helpful and there isn't a way to only display M-F. The extra days are distracting and give the impression of more days availa...
Guest about 6 years ago in Application / Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Ability to filter to blanks in Pivots

When creating pivots - give the ability to filter to 'blank' to-dos. Currently when creating a pivot you can select to filter to Complete or Pending To-Dos but not blank To -Dos. Because of this if you select one - such as Pending - the pivot will...
Guest over 1 year ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Dragging bars in Gantt charts should work in Firefox

Trying to organise features by dragging their bars in a Gantt chart view doesn't work in Firefox. It works it Chrome. Aha should support all major browsers.
Guest over 1 year ago in Roadmaps 1 Already exists