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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Deirdre Clarke
Created on Nov 1, 2023

Add a 'capability' data record so that I can roadmap by product and/or capability

Who would benefit?

Product, marketing, sales, customer success - and mostly customers

What impact would it make?

Besides just a list of epics and features on a roadmap, everyone would see how those align to enhancing an existing capability or adding a new one.

For customers - they would be able to better understand what is it in for them.

For marketing and sales - it would be easier for them to clearly articulate the end value.

For product and leadership - would be able to generate a catalog of capabilities across the enterprise - to more easily discern overlap and better strategize across the suite of products.

How should it work?

A capability to us is a piece of functionality.

We actually have 3 levels to a capability that we would ideally like to track. For now, we have created a custom table at the top or our hierarchy to track the 3 different levels. Each product then has their own custom table to choose which of the company-wide capabilities are applicable to them (ie. a subset) Then, each feature has a custom field that can choose which product capability it is related to enhancing, or creating for the first time.

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