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My ideas: Roadmaps

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Financial Year Formatting on Features Roadmap

Who would benefit? Users of the features roadmap with custom financial year formats What impact would it make? Consistent financial year formatting How should it work? Features roadmap is only able to show one year on timeline i.e. where as our ac...
Toray Altas 4 months ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Display milestone release key dates a diamond graphic along the timeline of a custom made roadmap

Useful for all project managers who present custom roadmaps to their stakeholder audiences. I can see the release dates on the timeline of a gantt view or a strategy roadmap view, but not for custom roadmaps. I'm really surprised and disappointed ...
Guest over 3 years ago in Roadmaps 3 Future consideration

Dependency Chart

Who would benefit? Any team in a SAFe model What impact would it make? A roadmap for each team in one big table with a row for each team. They could draw red lines between different stories/features to indicate depedencies How should it work? See ...
Guest 4 months ago in Roadmaps 0 Already exists

Ability to change the row height on Roadmaps

With roadmaps that contain a lot of information the gaps between the bars is to wide, and being able to reduce the size of those gaps would be useful in bunching the information up closer.
Andrew Brooks almost 4 years ago in Roadmaps 8 Future consideration

Product Modelling based on Capabilities

Besides the ideas, features and epics management with aha, i would propose to add a functionality to "modell your product" - with that i mean a graphical modeller to structure the main functional and technical building blocks of my product. This i...
Guest over 1 year ago in Roadmaps 1 Future consideration

Add a 'capability' data record so that I can roadmap by product and/or capability

Who would benefit? Product, marketing, sales, customer success - and mostly customers What impact would it make? Besides just a list of epics and features on a roadmap, everyone would see how those align to enhancing an existing capability or addi...
Deirdre Clarke 4 months ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Option to disable mouse-actions on roadmap view?

Pain-point: multiple FINRA users complained about unintentional date changes while navigating Roadmap View. Idea: allow to control mouse-actions and in-place editing on the screen/view settings level.
Andriy Fomenko about 1 year ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

SmartIcons in Aha

We need to be able to call out visually for our senior leaders things like blue chips, initiatives with material end user impact, unconfirmed roadmap timing, etc. We also use icons to create custom legends and visual representations of the capabil...
Mike Jacobson about 3 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Sort order in the standard Features Roadmap

The standard Features Roadmap provides a very good overview with releases, their goals, and the underlying master features/features - even combining a portfolio consisting of several products. The releases are depicted and ordered by release date,...
Thorsten Kampp about 4 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Show the goal->initiative relationship on the roadmap

Right now, associating initiatives with goals doesn't get me much. Sure, I can expand a given goal and see the associated initiatives (and features that belong to that initiative). But on the Feature Board or on the Roadmap (Timeline or Pivot), I ...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Roadmaps 2 Future consideration