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My ideas: Roadmaps

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Allow the format of the Portfolio Roadmaps be used for other strategic roadmaps

There is a desire to create strategic roadmaps within Aha, but the views are very "Gant Chart" style/format. The Portfolio roadmap view is visually appealing, but it seems to only allow me to use that view with releases on a roadmap. It seems like...
Guest over 6 years ago in Roadmaps 2 Shipped

Add Release Year as a column in pivot reports

We use aha for both short term and long term planning. For long-term planning (3-5years), the current granularity of "Release quarter" adds confusion and clutter to our stakeholders when reporting. Please add "release year" as an available column ...
Jørgen Binningsbø over 6 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Shipped

Hide Features label in Feature Roadmap when no Feature is chosen

When you select no Features for display in the Features Roadmap, you are left with a Features Heading and an empty box. It would be great to have both of them disappear when you don't select any features.
Aldon C over 6 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Shipped
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Display Master features in Starter roadmap

It would make the Starter roadmap much clear to read when you could show the Master features in Releases instead of individual features. So please add possibility to display also the Master releases
Guest about 7 years ago in Roadmaps 24 Shipped

Update + Existing Features behavior on Releases Overview to be consistent with other Options for adding Features to this view

There are a couple of different ways of adding features to the Releases -> Overview/Roadmap views. The different approach have different behavior and the behavior for one of the methods is quite disruptive to the schedule. The scenarios apply w...
Matt Case about 7 years ago in Releases / Roadmaps 1 Shipped

Use feature colour coding on starter roadmap

It would be really useful if on the starter roadmap view that you could make features use their status colour coding. Currently all features are a single colour, so there is no way to show progress on the items. Using the standard colour coding wo...
John Biltcliffe about 7 years ago in Roadmaps 2 Shipped
144 VOTE

Ability to create release phases and milestones which automatically use business days

For example, this would allow me to create week-long phases which would be 5 days (and not 7 days). A milestone would also automatically be populated on the first business day available. Related to this, I would like to be able to create templates...
Ron Yang about 7 years ago in Releases / Roadmaps 26 Shipped

Adding a 'Complete Percentage' on your Release Phase and Feature on Roadmap

I would like to add a % of how far complete the release phase or feature is on the roadmap. Please can you look into doing this?
Guest about 7 years ago in Releases / Roadmaps 1 Shipped

Show dependency links on release roapmap

You can add a dependency link between releases, but they don't show on the release roadmap. I'm talking about the arrows between phases that you can add within a release - enable showing an arrow between two releases.
Max Cascone about 7 years ago in Releases / Roadmaps 0 Shipped

Allow Title overflow on Starter Roadmap

I have numerous releases where the timeline of release is shorter than the text length of the title resulting in the title being cut off in the roadmap visual. Please allow the title of roadmap element to extend wider than the element itself. See ...
Jacob Bockelmann about 7 years ago in Roadmaps 6 Shipped