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My ideas: Roadmaps

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Allow multiple record types to display in initiative and custom roadmaps

As a portfolio or product manager, my investment initiatives may require work from multiple workspaces. These workspaces may be different types of products or teams whose work is managed differently, so the work they do to support my initiative ma...
Bonnie Trei over 3 years ago in Roadmaps 1 Shipped

Allow roadmap export in pdf from Confluence using Aha Roadmaps for Confluence

Aha Roadmaps for Confluence plugin for self-hosted Confluence does not export as pdf. The macro section leaves a blank space in the pdf document.
Guest over 3 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Shipped

Add Workflow view to Dashboards

please add Workflow view to Dashboards. It is a great way to show a roadmap in a dashboard.
Lori P over 3 years ago in Roadmaps 1 Shipped

Add Burndown Charts and Gantt Views to Dashboard Panels

Create the ability to add burndown charts and Gantt views as dashboard panels. We were really excited about being able to use the Dashboard to house everything needed for each project update meeting. That is not possible without being able to add ...
Ashley Powell over 3 years ago in Roadmaps 2 Shipped

Increase the granularity of panel sizing in Dashboards

I have several panels on my dashboard that the word wrapping and scrolling needs change drastically when it is resized using the current grid. Modifying the grid to make the anchor boxes half their current size would be beneficial.
Greg Lyons over 3 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Shipped

Make better use of vertical real estate in Custom Roadmap

In the attached redacted report extract the red squiggles show lots of unused vertical real estate. Fiddling with padding in CSS is unsatisfactory. Could Aha do better to be more compact? Without this, it's very hard to fit on a powerpoint slide (...
Guest about 4 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Shipped

Display sequential initiatives on a single line in roadmaps

We are trying to represent on a roadmap the phases of an activity as a sequence of initiatives on a single line, e.g.: |------------Jan -------------|----------- Feb -------------|--------- March ------------| Project A – Phase 1 Project A – Phase...
Guest about 4 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Shipped

Show records on same row in custom roadmap

When using a custom roadmap and selecting to use "Thick bars with text inside" the placement of records will appear staggered based on the length of the record name/label, instead of allowing the records to show on the same row (side-by-side). Th...
Jeanette Resnikoff over 4 years ago in Roadmaps 1 Shipped

Starter Roadmap - ability to export start date of a release

statement of support:The starter roadmap is intended to serve as a place to sketch out plans visually and add data on the fly. The start of the release bar in the starter roadmap can be widened freely to become a visual container where you can add...
Martin Eberle over 4 years ago in Roadmaps 1 Shipped

Show Progress on the Features Roadmap for each Release and for the Master Release

We want to be able to easily share progress against releases. The Features Roadmap is the best visual to share with internal stakeholders, but you have to click into each release to see the Progress. I want to see the progress of each release as w...
Guest over 4 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Shipped