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Notifications for emoji reactions

When someone adds an emoji reaction to my comment, I would like to be notified about it. That way, I don't have to remember to go check my old comments to see if anyone responded with an emoji. This would let me rely on emoji reactions as part of ...
Kelly Sebes over 4 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

As an Aha! user, I want to sign up to receive notifications for any feature/idea mapped to a certain tag

Currently, we have a group of users that has to filter ideas or features based on certain tags that pertain to them, and manually choose to "watch" those ideas/features. If they fail to do this manual setup, then they miss out on changes that they...
Danielle Machado about 5 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Ability to collapse comments

Often I'm working a feature that has many requirements on it. Some of those comments can have very large discussions on them, making it hard to scroll to the next requirement. If I could collapse the comments, it would make it easier to have multi...
Jonathan Steel over 5 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Capability to tag JIRA users

As a user with an integration with JIRA, I want the ability to @ users in my feature, requirement, or comments in Aha and the @ will sync to the JIRA users available so they can receive a JIRA notification. Our dev team does not use Aha notificati...
Guest over 5 years ago in Comments / Notifications / Jira 0 Future consideration

Allow exiting notifications

When I open notifications, there is no option to close notifications and go back to the previous screen. I have to remember where I was and then navigate back there myself. This is much more cumbersome than any other notifications activity I've ex...
Allison Hellmers almost 6 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Guidance or a button in email notification on possible actions (e.g. "completed", "delayed", "extend timeline".)

Provide explicit guidance/options (e.g. a button) in email notices to respond "completed", "delayed", "extend timeline". I this functionality is built in but not clear anywhere in the notices that are sent out.
Guest almost 6 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Unlikely to implement

Configuring Email Notifications for Non-Idea Portal Notifications

There appears to be configuration settings to "white label" the email notification settings in the Ideas Portal setup pages. It would be great to also have this feature available for general email notifications for either the weekly, daily and ins...
Guest over 6 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Unlikely to implement

Ability to select 'all' or 'none' to receive the Weekly summary email for a product

When there is a deep product structure and many products in which you can receive a weekly summary email, it would be ideal to be able to select 'all' or select 'none' rather than having to check or uncheck each one individually.
Tahlia Sutton over 6 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Ability to add Comments at the Release level

Currently it is not possible to add comments and send to project members at the release level. A classic example would be "I have updated the release date for this release to push back by a week". It is not appropriate to add this comment to a spe...
Ian Carson almost 8 years ago in Comments / Notifications 6 Already exists

Strip Signatures and Images From Email Contributions

In our organization, employees are directed to include links and imagery to our social media sources in their email signatures. When users with these types of signatures email in their contributions to aha, numerous attachments and descriptions ar...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Future consideration