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Global Management of Notifications

Currently it appears as though Aha allows individual users to manage notifications, or for an admin to manage notification on behalf of an individual. What's missing is the ability to manage and administer notifications at a global level. For exam...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Comments / Notifications 13 Unlikely to implement

Specify frequency of overdue To Do reminders

I'd like to have a way to change the frequency and timing of the "overdue to-do" reminders emails. For example, instead of getting email reminders every weekday at 5:30 a.m. , I'd like to get them every Monday at 09:00 a.m.
Steve Matthews almost 8 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Future consideration

Ability to dynamically add individuals to automation email TO: based on fields

Like you can do with To-dos, you can assign automation items based on user fields, i.e. assigned to and custom user fields like BA, UX, Developer, etc. We would like to be able to do the same with automation emails so that these can be targeted to...
Jeff Brown about 3 years ago in Comments / Notifications 2 Future consideration

Default Notification Settings

We would like to be able to edit the default notification settings for new users. Currently, every new user gets an hourly email with changes which is too much. We should be able to set the default to what makes sense in our organization and then ...
Ashley Powell over 3 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Future consideration

Email notifications for To-dos

I would like to see a custom feature implemented that allows the admin to customize what information is sent during an automated email notification . Many of our users get an email notification once a To-do has been assigned to them. The email con...
Guest over 6 years ago in Comments / Notifications 6 Future consideration

Receive comment mention notifications immediately but all other notifications in batch

Notification preferences are currently fairly course-grained. I do not need to receive up-to-the-minute notifications about status changes, description field changes, etc. but I would like to receive instant notifications when I am mentioned (e.g....
Alia Connor almost 3 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Future consideration

Notification filter for my mentions

If I get a backlog of notifications, I would like to quickly see the ones where people have @ mentioned my name.
Jonathan Steel about 4 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Future consideration

Include Watchers as part of the release template

We have a standard set of users that want release notifications when features are moved out or when releases are shipped. It would be helpful if that group could be included in the release template, so I don't have to add them to every weekly rele...
Jonathon Leeke about 8 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Future consideration

Upvoting comments in aha

Sometimes I feel that I really like someone's idea that was written in a comment and I don't want write needless support comments, such us "Good idea, John!". It would be nice to upvote comments in discussion.
Guest about 9 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Unlikely to implement

Pinned comments

Include a way to pin a comment to the top of a comment thread on a feature. Allowing for important updates to be kept at the top.
Guest almost 4 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration