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Send invoice pdf by e-mail

Send the Aha! invoice PDF in the e-mail that is already sent with the payment confirmation - it would save us time and allow the invoice to be directly processed by accounting without having to login and download and then send it by email to them.
Guest about 8 years ago in Account settings 1 Shipped

Please create a additional custom field type - HYPERLINK

Would be great to have in addition to the other custom field types. Alternatively, provide a slimmed down WYSIWYG editor that enables hyperlink characterization. Use Case: I need to be able to link Releases/Products/Product Lines to other interna...
Joe Carpenter about 8 years ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Customize time to show only hours not days

Today all time (estimate, capacity etc) is displayed in the format of days and hours. If you type in 16h it will be converted to 2 days. We only work in hours when calculating estimates and capacity etc. So this is only confusing. It would be we...
Guest over 8 years ago in Account settings 7 Shipped

Allow Corporate Admins to enable/disable storage options

Need to have the ability for corporate admins to enable/disable or otherwise control user access to remote storage locations (Google Drive/Box/DropBox/etc). As RoadMap data can be sensitive from a security point of view, having access to additiona...
Joe Carpenter over 8 years ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Set a default Identity Provider when adding new users

When I add a new user manually, the Identity Provider defaults to "Password". We want all our users to use our SSO via SAML. I just imported a larger set of new users via CSV file, and there was no way to set the Identity Provider field. So all im...
Guest over 8 years ago in Account settings 1 Shipped

Edit & change custom field type

I'd like to change a custom field from Editable Choice List to Tags. This would let users choose multiple values instead of a single value. But to do this, I have to delete the field and create another one, which destroys the data I've already ent...
Jonathon Leeke over 8 years ago in Account settings / Features 9 Shipped

Aha! Usage Analytics

As an admin user, I'd like to see how efficiently my team has been utilizing Aha for product management. Every quarter, I'd like to see how many features have been created per product. How many of those features have been created vs shipped vs wor...
Guest over 8 years ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Adding 'select all' functionality when creating new users

When adding a new user to an instance, if there are several product lines and several products in each line, it can become tedious to update each users' permissions one bubble at a time. Requested functionality: 1 - add a Select All 'bubble' at th...
Joe Carpenter over 8 years ago in Account settings 4 Shipped

Allow for Fiscal Year date formats to be customized to read FY16 Q1 vs 2015/16 Q1

No description provided
Guest over 8 years ago in Account settings / Reports 9 Shipped

Mandate the use of a password on web notebooks by an Enhanced Notebook Security choice within account settings

We have a large audience for web notebooks and would like to ensure all web notebooks are password protected and therefore only visible to those who have been provided the password.
Guest over 8 years ago in Account settings 3 Shipped