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JIRA Integration: Adding Master Feature, Initiative & Goal Record Links

The use case is so that those working primarily in JIRA can understand “why” they are being asked to deliver “what” has been requested. In the screenshot attached, it shows a section of the JIRA issue interface. It then shows a tab created specifi...
Project Parker over 4 years ago in Jira 8 Future consideration

integration with WorkBoard

our company is looking to adopt WorkBoard as our corporate standard for OKRs. our development business units use Aha to manage our product strategy and roadmaps so we need to have integration between the 2 systems in order to maintain continuity o...
Joe Granville over 1 year ago in Wanted 3 Future consideration

Allow record mapping to Asana Projects

Asana best practices recommend projects represent distinct bodies of work with start and end dates. The Aha! integration requires, in the set up, selection of an Asana Project to connect the workspace to. This requires a new integration for every ...
Bonnie Trei 5 months ago in Asana 0 Future consideration

Automatically create/update Notification Groups based on location hierarchy

I have a JIRA 2.0 integration setup for one of my workspaces. When I push over an Epic containing Features and Requirements, the Features are linked to the Epic but the Requirements are not linked to the Feature. So in JIRA, you can easily see how...
Guest 4 months ago in Jira 0 Future consideration

Integration: Cisco Webex Teams

It would be great if there is native integration of with a Cisco Webex Teams bot much like the current Slack bot that is already available on Aha. Lots of users don't use email now and Teams is a great way to get notifications of posts and ...
Joshua Reola over 4 years ago in Integrations / Wanted 2 Future consideration

Allow for all lowercase "emailaddress" SSO attribute

Per the SSO documentation, Aha! supports multiple variations of uppercase/lowercase for the "EmailAddress" field, but we don't support "emailaddress". It would be great to support this, as "firstname" and "lastname" are allowed. I ran into this wi...
Emily Yankush 22 days ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Run As User JIRA Webhook Integration Account should not consume a license seat tells us that if we don't want all imported changes from JIRA to Aha to appea...
Guest over 4 years ago in Jira 16 Future consideration
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ServiceNow integration

Ability to create and manage ServiceNow epics through Aha! Product Management would define the epics and they would flow down into ServiceNow
Guest almost 7 years ago in Integrations 25 Future consideration

Integration with Help Scout

Our customer success team uses Help Scout as their main support tool to assist our customers. It'd be nice if they could just take the feedback given by customers in their Help Scout ticket and send it directly into Aha! as an idea.
Jacob Papka 2 months ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Need easier way to link to existing Jira records!

Current workflow from what we have determined and as was suggested by Aha support: 1. A new idea/suggestion comes in from a customer, we promote a new requirement in an existing Feature. 2. It is promoted to a new requirement. 3. Within about 30 s...
Jon DeLong 2 months ago in Jira 0 Future consideration