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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by I R
Created on May 5, 2023

Manual Sending of Requirements to integrated development tool

Presently, there isn't a way to have requirements in a draft status like there are with features. This tends to be somewhat problematic when you have multiple requirements types you work with e.g. subtasks and user stories.

It will automatically send and the only other option right now to prevent this is the manual review, approval, and sending of items to integrations across the board. You can't simply have requirements in a draft state until you are ready to send like you can with features and epics. This diverges from Aha!s current design paradigm for that workflow in regards to work items.

Please implement this as soon as you are able, it's rather tedious having to manage it the way it is now. I either have to go through and approve everything manually, picking out the ones that aren't ready or I have to change the types in Jira, then go back and re-link them in Aha! It's not a good system.

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  • Carina Velazquez
    Dec 20, 2023

    Because we are a non-dev team using Aha! and Jira, we have repetitive work that we do stemming from ideas. We are promoting those ideas to requirements and those requirements automatically create stories. The system does not know if that requirement is ready or not and just assumes it is and integrates it to Jira. We actually have a story with sub-tasks ready to be integrated with a requirement when the idea comes through but with auto-creating the story, we are unable to integrate the requirement to an existing story. This causes the hassle of dropping the integration, deleting the story it created, and then linking the requirement to the existing story. Would like for this to act like a feature and not send automatically to Jira but let us pick what we want to do. If there are others that like it automatically to create a story, maybe it's the option of opting in or out of auto generating a story in Jira.

  • Beth Baker
    Dec 8, 2023

    This is a pain point for our team as well with our Azure DevOps integration. It seems to be the one issue we're unable to find a convenient workaround for.

    Thank you,

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