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Aha Rank should be sent to JIRA after every update

Aha Rank field in JIRA should contain the proper order that is placed in Aha. The dev team can at least see the information in JIRA. Note: I am not asking to re-sort JIRA items based on Aha ranking field. I am asking to simple display the updated ...
Guest about 7 years ago in Jira 0 Shipped

Allow Aha! and JIRA integration with SSO users

We currently use Google SSO for our JIRA system. The Aha! integration however requires a username/password user account & not an SSO user. I need to be able to use an SSO user for the integration, since that is the only option that our JIRA ...
Guest about 7 years ago in Jira 8 Shipped

Allow full mapping of Master Features to VSTS

It would be useful if Aha allowed for mapping of Master Features the same way it allows Features to be mapped.
Guest about 7 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 4 Shipped

Allow Lookup of Portal User by Email Address

Looking at the API calls found here: I'd like to be able to look up a portal user by email address, rather than wasting CPU cycles on both our sides by having to make multiple calls to look through al...
Brad Doman about 7 years ago in Integrations 0 Shipped

Rally Integration - Need option of Feature -> Feature and Requirements -> User Stories

Today, the closest option to what I'm asking is Feature -> Feature and Requirements -> Engineering Features. Would you be able to add one more option as that's how our development process has been agreed? Thanks,Geoffrey
Geoffrey Kim about 7 years ago in Rally 0 Shipped

Status sync between AHA and VSO

Given that a PM controls their backlog and roadmap from AHA it would make sense for them to be able to do more than simply send the story to VSO and be subject to changes that are prompted only from VSO to AHA. For example, if i decide that a feat...
Guest about 7 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Shipped
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Please add support for Master Features within the Aha <=> JIRA interface.

Given "Aha! is for the "why" and "what" and JIRA is for the "how."; Master Features are useless unless we can implement them alongside JIRA.
Guest about 7 years ago in Jira 28 Shipped

Add support for TODOs in the Activity WebHook integration

We use several tools for keeping track of different types of work items (TODOs), such as Trello, Aha and VSTS. I would like to be able to extract the TODOs from Aha so I can create an integrated view of pending work. Since there are many types of ...
Harm Pauw about 7 years ago in Integrations 2 Shipped

Automate Github Sync

Support/Allow automated Github issues sync. Both ways.
Gabo Esquivel about 7 years ago in GitHub 4 Shipped

Option to sync fields to Rally upon creation only

When creating a record in Rally there are certain items that should be populated upon creation but not synced with subsequent updates. For example, currently when creating or updating a record in Rally, Portfolio items are ordered based on their c...
Matt Case about 7 years ago in Rally 0 Shipped