Support for Jira Embedded Images

Jira tickets support embedded images using the following format.


for example:


Jira Image Formatting Notation

We make very heavy use of this feature to pull our designs into the jira tickets so that developers can see them without having to navigate off to other sites.

The following issue exists with Aha supporting this feature within the Aha/Jira sync

- You can sync a jira ticket that includes an embedded image into Aha

- The embedded image renders from Jira in Aha and appears embedded in Aha too (all good so far)

- You alter some text in the Aha ticket or the Jira ticket

- Jira and Aha then sync again - The embedded image now loses it's styling '|width=50%,height=auto'

- The embedded image now renders way to large to be useful to us in Jira and we can no longer make use of this feature.


This is causing a real issue for us as we head into making full use of the Aha, Jira integration.


  • Rob Keynes
  • May 26 2017
  • Future consideration
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