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Created on May 26, 2017

Support for Jira Embedded Images

Jira tickets support embedded images using the following format.


for example:


Jira Image Formatting Notation

We make very heavy use of this feature to pull our designs into the jira tickets so that developers can see them without having to navigate off to other sites.

The following issue exists with Aha supporting this feature within the Aha/Jira sync

- You can sync a jira ticket that includes an embedded image into Aha

- The embedded image renders from Jira in Aha and appears embedded in Aha too (all good so far)

- You alter some text in the Aha ticket or the Jira ticket

- Jira and Aha then sync again - The embedded image now loses it's styling '|width=50%,height=auto'

- The embedded image now renders way to large to be useful to us in Jira and we can no longer make use of this feature.


This is causing a real issue for us as we head into making full use of the Aha, Jira integration.


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  • Steffan Giebels
    Mar 22, 2023

    We have the same issue as mentioned in this idea and in the comments and it's frustrating for me as a Product Owner and the developers that only work in Jira.

    Step 1: we create an issue in Jira and in the description explain with text and pictures what the user story is or what steps someone need to take to reproduce an issue (a picture says more than 1000 words).
    Step 2: the issue is synced to a feature in Aha! If you open it, the embedded pictures are gone and replaced by a link which doesn't work, e.g. /secure/attachment/117576/117576_image-20230208-133604.png

    Step 3: after a sync back to Jira, the picture in the description of the issue is lost because it also got replaced by /secure/attachment/117576/117576_image-20230208-133604.png

    Indeed, the workaround is to change the sync method for the field Description and only do an one-way sync from Jira to Aha! but that indeed means, you can never add/edit the description in Aha! because changes won't be synced back to Jira.

  • Christopher Hanshew
    Oct 19, 2022

    It seems this is a similar isse to the DevOps issue

    Here is the same comment I posted on that Idea. Please fix this problem.

    I would like to add to the comment below regarding Jira - Everytime we create a Jira story with embedded images Aha is converting the image to links, thus sending the updated description back to Jira and overwriting our Jira description fields and our engineers are not happy about this. The workaround provided was to change the description field to a one way update from Jira. As a result we cannot use Aha for any type of feature creation until this is impemented.

    The first response I received from Aha! Support was that this is a Jira issue, however it seems like if two different integrations are having similar problems it should be something that should be corrected on the Aha side of things.

  • Guest
    Jul 17, 2020

    I have developers pasting images in stories frequently. It allows you to better tell a story when a link to the image (or image itself) can be embedded in the description next to the text used to describe it. But when they do this and the story syncs to and from aha, the link is broken and the image is lost. Super frustrating for developers and product owners! Please act on this request! It will make our lives easier! (I know you can attach to a Jira story and even link in the text, but that's many more clicks!)