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My ideas: Integrations

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Support populating custom fields in Rally

Rally may be configured with custom fields which are mandatory. Aha! should support populating these fields when creating stories or portfolio items in Rally.
Chris Waters about 8 years ago in Rally 0 Shipped

Passing work performed and effort back and forth in Rally

Note: If you are using JIRA and have configured the integration, logged work is automatically updated by JIRA. If you have configured estimate association at the requirements level, logging time is also at that level.
Guest about 8 years ago in Rally 3 Shipped

Allow features to be linked to existing Rally User Stories

If we already have User Stories in Rally that are duplicates of features in Aha! we want to be able to manually create a link between them.
Scott Goldblatt about 8 years ago in Rally 10 Shipped

Enhance two-way sync with Rally to support Rally -> Aha!

Features are created in Aha! and then pushed to Rally. User Stories (US) are created in Rally and associated to the Features. These associated User Stories should be synced back to Aha! and associated with their respective Features as Requirements
Guest about 8 years ago in Rally 15 Shipped

Ability to send static attributes to JIRA

Engineering has made many attributes in JIRA mandatory, which means I need to create custom fields. They would be OK with a static value that would identify it as coming from Aha!, as they want to make sure they are filled correctly manually but t...
Daniel Hirschberg about 8 years ago in Jira 3 Shipped

Rally category on Integrations

Need an Integration category for Rally
Guest about 8 years ago in Integrations 0 Shipped

Additional data fields from AHA to Rally

Specific request is around WSJF value stored in AHA. Our team goes through activity of reviewing WSJF values and update AHA. The features in Rally also contain this field however this is not included when a feature is created. This would save time...
Chad Hilton about 8 years ago in Rally 0 Shipped

Bi-directional GitHub feature description updates

Currently the integration between Aha! and GitHub issues is uni-directional, Aha->GitHub. So if someone changes the initial post content in an integrated GitHub issue, the next time an update arrives from Aha! that change will be blown away. Ex...
Bret Mogilefsky about 8 years ago in GitHub 0 Shipped

Enable (via article/enhancement or both) custom Slack / commands to submit data two-way

Slack supports the configuration of custom "/" commands. It would be an interesting way to submit data if we could instruct or enhance such that you could (as an example) do: /ahafeature <data> to submit a feature directly from a Slack cha...
Donna Sawyer about 8 years ago in Slack 0 Shipped

Add integration support for the new "Users field" custom field type with JIRA custom field type "user picker"

We just launched the new custom field type "Users field". It would be powerful to be able to integrate this with JIRA and specifically, integrate it with the JIRA custom field type "User Picker".
Matt Case about 8 years ago in Jira 2 Shipped