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My ideas: Integrations

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Need easier way to link to existing Jira records!

Current workflow from what we have determined and as was suggested by Aha support: 1. A new idea/suggestion comes in from a customer, we promote a new requirement in an existing Feature. 2. It is promoted to a new requirement. 3. Within about 30 s...
Jon DeLong about 2 years ago in Jira 0 Future consideration

Create Aha from Salesforce Campaign Feedback

This would allow us to collect all feedback, suggestions and product improvements with the option to push an Aha directly to our PMs.
Guest about 2 years ago in Salesforce 0 Future consideration

Displaying information which is relevant to the user

The count in Settings->Integration updates is for all workspaces, including those to which I have no privileges to action.This can be confusing as when user selects the option, there are no updates to process.
Guest about 2 years ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Allow scheduled update of all linked records for DevOps

As the service hooks from DevOps to Aha are seldomly failing, it often results in having some records not in sync in Aha. This can be solved by running an update of all the linked records from the Aha integration page, but this requires to be manu...
Nicola Rolando about 2 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 2 Future consideration

Clarity PPM - Integration Need

Looking to see what capabilities can be enabled to help us integrate initiative and feature level data with Broadcom Clarity PPM for our Digital automated timecard process.
Karla Johnson about 2 years ago in Rally 1 Future consideration

Integration Log "Type" Filter

As a workspace admin viewing the Integration Messages Log - I'd love to be able to click these buttons at the top of the log to filter just to "Errors" in red, "warnings" in yellow or "info" in blue - currently most updates are "info" and importan...
Karla Johnson about 2 years ago in Rally 0 Future consideration

Make Release Notes easier to digest

Currently, enhancements are all listed together. Hidden in the text, you can usually find an "Availble with Enterprise+" or similar. But it's time consuming, and annoying to read about an enhancement, and then find out it's not relevant to your pa...
Julie Edwards about 2 years ago in Wanted 0 Future consideration

When sending an Epic to Jira, allow sending of all /updates to Features

Currently, when you send an Epic to Jira, all of its features are sent, but they are sent as the default Feature type instead of the types that they were actually categorized. Often the product person is working in Aha! and doesn't want to yet sen...
Karie Kelly about 2 years ago in Jira 0 Future consideration

Jira integration user name

In both Jira and Aha!, you need to have a user that has the appropriate permissions which is often a highly privileged user. However, when setting up the integration, there is no way to indicate an alias name to use for the integration. Consequent...
Karie Kelly about 2 years ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Full 2 way integration for ZenDesk

We use ZenDesk as our Support Desk for our product, allowing our Support team to raise bugs or issues to investigate with our Dev team to look at. These range from low priority issues to high priority issues. We would like to use Aha Develop to ru...
Thomas England about 2 years ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration