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Upload documents to Ideas Portal custom pages

We would like to share documents with our private ideas portal users to help deliver additional information (release notes, FAQ's, etc.) Currently the Notes functionality does not include the attached documents.
David Barber 7 months ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

BUG: Deadspace on Custom Pages for Ideas Advanced Users

There is a tremendous amount of dead-space (unused pixel real estate) on custom pages. More than 50% of custom pages are not displaying page information. This leads to squished information that requires horizontal scrolling to view all the informa...
Guest 7 months ago in Ideas portal 1 Future consideration

Grant Workspace Owners the ability to manage Ideas Advanced Portal

We purchased Ideas Advanced Portals. With this purchase, we would expect the ability to share ownership/management of the portals created with business users (in the workspace owner role). These business users should have access to manage their id...
Guest 7 months ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Add a private Admin message

It would be very helpful that in addition to having an Admin Msg that we could also have a private Admin Msg on the ideas portals tab. This would allow us to broadcast updates on an idea to internal users that are not Aha users. For example - "Thi...
Steve Rudkin 7 months ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Add the ability to set a limit on an Aha! user's vote allocation

Currently, you cannot change the vote allocation for Aha! users within the Account > Billing settings as votes and vote limits are restricted to and only apply in the portal. Some of our Aha! users are also users of the Ideas Portal; however, w...
Jim LeClaire 7 months ago in Voting 0 Future consideration

Add a trusted organizations idea portal user type

Today users with email addresses using the domains specified for internal portal users can self register for private idea portals. These domains can sometimes be used as a mix of the company domain, and customer domains so customers can self regis...
Jeanette Resnikoff 7 months ago in User management 0 Future consideration

View number of organizations that voted for an idea in reports

Often an idea receives votes from a lot of people from a single organization. However, an idea that receives 5 votes from different companies shows a greater interest than an idea that received 5 votes from one company. These votes from the same o...
Niklas Gromann 7 months ago in Voting 0 Already exists

vote per organization

Hey Aha Team, we get flooded by a customer organization regarding idea votes - the encourage their employees to vote for a specific idea with 20 different user accounts to bump up the idea into the top 5. We want to justify the voting process to a...
Product M 7 months ago in Voting 0 Future consideration

Make a visible to all in organization for ideas portal

We'd like to use an Ideas portal for for our customer support requests. Our blocker right now is that there is no option to make ideas visible to only people within the org. None of the other options work for us. We need to have all the contact wi...
Jason LaCarrubba 7 months ago in Ideas portal 1 Future consideration

Automation when a public comment is added

We have a workflow where newly created ideas are submitted in a 'New' status. If the idea is unclear we update the statis to 'Need More Information" and we expect the submitter to provide additional information through public comments on the idea ...
Nicolas Andrillon 7 months ago in Ideas portal 1 Future consideration