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Status Future consideration
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Created on Feb 9, 2024

API Access for Polls or other Feedback

Who would benefit?

Software Providers

What impact would it make?

Enables software providers to

  • Bring their own user experience for in-application feedback to fit brand, or build more controlled feedback flows For example in my case we want one feedback experience which directs users to support for some questions, to feature preview feedback in aha for others, and to a custom endpoint for quality data collection. Using the widget we can't provide the guided UX we want to get the right feedback to the right place.

  • Avoid needing to embed a third party js library into their application. We provide software that can have very strict security requirements and embedding js that is third party hosted that we don't directly control brings security risks we're not always willing to accept.

How should it work?

Pretty simple - your feedback widget is calling an API to submit poll results, etc. Make a public supported api that allows the same.

POST / Poll { poll id, feedback, user info, ...}

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