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Add 5 Most Recent Favourite presentations to presentation Sub-Menu

It can be a bit of complicated user journey to gain access to a presentation, with multiple unnecessary clicks. To reduce this burden, it will be good if the presentations sub-menu section of the top "Reports" navigation lists the top 5 most recen...
Project Parker over 6 years ago in Presentations 1 Future consideration

Notebook snapshot versioning

I like the ability to snapshot, but it is very limited. I like to see the following abilities for snapshot Provide an option when taking a snapshot to create a copy of the report and add it automatically to the notebook. Saves time navigating awa...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Presentations 0 Already exists

Ability to Embed Text/Image from another location/file in Notebook Title Page

We would like a way to embed info pulled in from another source into the title page. Currently we like to show team leads on the title pages across 10-12 notebooks. The issue we have is from time to time the leads may change and this makes it so ...
Jason Colon over 7 years ago in Presentations 0 Already exists

Enable the ability to show start/end dates for Releases, Phases, Milestones, and Release Dates to be shown within the exported Roadmapping view.

When projects span over a year or more it is hard to get a good sense of exact dates further than what month they may land in. Enabling the ability to have all dates shown right on each roadmap for Releases, Phases, Milestones, and Release Dates w...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Presentations 1 Already exists

In presentations, enable weblinks in custom note fields when displayed in reports

When I create a note and add to presentation weblinks work. However when I create a custom note field and show it in a report (e.g. list) and then add that report to a presentation, the web link does not work. This is really important to us becaus...
Guest over 8 years ago in Presentations 1 Future consideration

Feature URL should be clickable in the feature list in notebook view

Why isn't the feature url clickable in the notebook in the feature list view? This means people have to copy and paste it out to look at it. Same for the idea list view.
J. Mile over 9 years ago in Presentations 4 Will not implement

Customize Portfolio Roadmap

It would be great if the Portfolio Roadmap can be customized. We want to display the roadmap on a television screen for the entire office to see, but we'd like to hide certain projects. Thanks!
Guest almost 10 years ago in Presentations 0 Already exists

Use slide title in PPT export

Currently when presentation slides are exported to PPT the header added in PPT uses the name of the Aha! view. It would be more appropriate to use the title that is added in the slide header in the Aha! presentation instead.
Jonathan bohaty 5 months ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Better interactive tools for Presentations and Webpages

The current Presentation and Webpage solutions have very limited interactive capabilities for external users. This limits the value we provide, as the 'self service' features are limited mainly to read-only actions and not true interactivity. As a...
David Barber 12 months ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Add new autofit option to scale view to fit container in presentation reports

Hello, I am proposing third option to how presentation reports are behaving within a container regarding AUTOFIT. Now there are two options: Allow view to overflow container Shrink view to fit container There is a great feature awaiting to be buil...
Daniel Pokrývka almost 2 years ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration