Ability to Embed Text/Image from another location/file in Notebook Title Page

We would like a way to embed info pulled in from another source into the title page.

Currently we like to show team leads on the title pages across 10-12 notebooks. The issue we have is from time to time the leads may change and this makes it so we have to update all the notebook title pages. Due to a large number of teams involved with multiple leads this can be tedious when we make an update to all notebooks and then another unforeseen change happens shortly after causing us to repeat the process again.

Workarounds that don't really solve the issue...

- I have tried attaching an image file with the info but it tends to appear too small and still means we would need to reattach updated images to all notebooks if there was an update.

- Another option is to show a link to direct them to the info but for ease of use, we would prefer to have the info on the title page.



  • Jason Colon
  • Nov 15 2016
  • Likely to implement
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