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Custom themes and styling for Presentations

At the moment the presentations look plain, it would be great to be able to apply custom CSS to these presentations to so that they could be styled to conform to the company or products brand style guide.
Wayne Allan over 7 years ago in Presentations 5 Shipped

Add more than one AHA item to a page in a notebook

Sometimes pages in notebooks are a bit full of whitespace - as by there nature some reports / views are succinct. It would be nice to be able to remove the page break effectively so that you can merge some pages together as you need hence creating...
Andy Darrant over 8 years ago in Presentations 2 Shipped

Improving usability of the new dashboard feature

The following improvements would make dashboards much more usable for our team. 1) the option to shrink the report size to the panel size (to minimize scrolling and using the "size" to draw attention to the important items). 2) being able to add t...
Reut Levi almost 4 years ago in Presentations 8 Shipped

Change the Notebook web page transition

The fancy, flippy dippy transition in the Notebook web pages is more than annoying . Can you please do one of the following? 1. Make it a simple scroll so the user does not have to jump pages. If there are multiple pages, the user has to remember ...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Presentations 3 Shipped

Add page numbers within a Notebook

I would like page numbers in the notebook.
Chris Waters over 9 years ago in Presentations 3 Shipped

Copy Notebook

As a User, I want a quick way to clone a notebook so that I can create a variation without having to create a new notebook and add its various views from other modules.
Guest over 9 years ago in Presentations 6 Shipped

Export to PDF from Web presentation

I would like to give my customers the posibility to export a web presentation to PDF for printing.
Guest over 9 years ago in Presentations 10 Shipped

Auto-play notebook

I would like to be able to publish notebooks created in aha to digital screens around our offices, this would cover customer stories, strategic roadmap and value statements to members of our internal teams. Whilst I can publish these to individual...
Fraser Mayfield about 8 years ago in Presentations 1 Shipped

Enable per-notebook SSO for password protection to non-Aha! users

Security teams may have company preferences for how information is communicated outside of an Aha! account. It should be possible to SSO-enable just a single notebook at will, to align with in-company password standards, while not requiring that e...
Donna Sawyer over 7 years ago in Presentations 4 Shipped

Alternative view(s) of Feature Detail Pages for Notebook

The feature detail pages, when saved to a notebook are a really great way to run through the requirements details with the team, in order to refine them. All of the Feature meta-data fields (such as: Type, Assigned to, Watchers, Goals, Initiative,...
Guest about 8 years ago in Presentations 4 Shipped