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Ability to multiple sort list reports

I would like to multi-sort list reports - aka first a Tier, then release date, then status. Right now I can only sort on one column at a time.
Ally Bernstein almost 4 years ago in Reports 0 Already exists

Choose the color of a Releases in Gantt Roadmap

In the Gantt roadmap while viewing Epics (or Features) would like to color by release to not be the release status color. It would be easier to see which epics are belonging to future releases instead of all a pink/red color for the status.
Guest about 4 years ago in Reports 6 Already exists

Concatenate Fields in Reporting

It will be very helpful to concatenate the fields in pivot tables so that we can see multiple fields in one column. Example : Initiative name and Description in one column delimited by a '|'
Sasi Ravichandar over 4 years ago in Reports 2 Already exists

Increase report flexibility through "Record links" inclusion

The record links capability is very powerful in which it allows expression of complex links between objects at different levels (e.g. linking one feature to multiple initiatives). However, the fact that we cannot use those links in reporting deepl...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Reports 0 Already exists

Ability to Consolidate Columns in Reporting

Give users the ability to configure the system to display data from several columns in a single column within the reporting module in Aha! Example. Show activities with status 'In Progress' and 'Code Review' in column 'In Progress and activities...
Rachel Loewenthal over 5 years ago in Reports 2 Already exists

Enable "select all" and "is not" option on list view filter

My use case is specifically on the "Idea created by" filter on Idea lists. I want to exclude ideas created by myself and my team. Currently we have 300+ portal users, and I have to go through and select/click all portal users excluding myself and...
Bernadette Headd-Williams almost 6 years ago in Reports 0 Already exists

Filter By Feature Reference #

When adding a new filter, under "Filter by Feature", "Feature reference #" can be included to filter and extract a report.
Guest almost 6 years ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Add Master Feature Goals as Filter to Pivot Report

In a Pivot Report, you can add the value "Feature -> Master Feature -> Goals" as row or column, but you cannot filter on this. Request to add Goals as a Filter. Currently you can only Filter on "Feature -> Goal Name" which is not the same...
Dan Eisenhut about 6 years ago in Reports 0 Already exists

It would be helpful to have a short-cut on the Report menu to the report folder structure

We have various report folders and reports. When I try to direct a user to a particular report I have to be very specific or they can't get to the folder structure. I tell them click on Reports (don't hover over it, physically click on the word Re...
Guest about 6 years ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Let us make the pivot reports prettier!

I love the pivot reports and share them a lot in notebooks both as a pdf and as a weblink but we can't pretty them up. Give us more options to make them pretty; meet company standards etc
Guest over 6 years ago in Reports 1 Already exists