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Make prioritization available for Initiatives and Goals

I'm a big fan of the new prioritization view that's available for Epics and Features. I'd like to be able to do the same thing for Initiatives and Goals. Tradeoffs often have to be made and this view will be excellent for doing that!
Sophia Papadopoulos 9 months ago in Reports 5 Future consideration

Please restore list functionality under ideas, epics and features

Our PMs are quite unhappy with recent retraction of lists they used regularly under the idea and feature tabs (and they had also called it a bug that it was not working under Epics as well). They believe local admins disabled navigation or broke t...
Kevin Martin 8 months ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

Dashboard Dynamic Filters

Ability to filter reports dynamically in the dashboard. For example, apply an initiative filter to all reports in the dashbaord so I don't have to create multiple dashboards showing the same information for different initiatives.
Erin Jones over 2 years ago in Reports 16 Future consideration

Enable drill-in when feature roadmap added to dashboard

When a feature roadmap is added to a dashboard the drill-in doesn't work.
Simone Bilton 20 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Changing the filter in pivot requires report refresh to reflect the changes

Hello, I'm using the customized pivot table for Portfolio Management and I need to add and remove multiple filters several times a day. Each time I change something in filter, page asks me to refresh the report to reflect the filter changes. That'...
Mariam B over 1 year ago in Reports 0 Future consideration
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The ability to use the same filter more than once in advanced filters

It would be great to have the ability to use the same filter more than once when using advanced filter logic. For example:I want to filter a set of features that all have the tag “Dashboard” but then a subgroup that DON’T have the tag “Admin”.
Jessica Groff over 5 years ago in Reports 35 Future consideration

Ability to display calculated Pivot Fields in charts

Would like to be able to display calculcated pivot field totals in charts to aid with visualisation of the data. Currently I can partially do this, but the x-axis does not inherit the correct labels e.g. from the pivot table calculated field. Disc...
Julie Edwards 14 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Move the scorecard chart into the roadmaps & custom reports section

The configurable chart functionality for ideas is fantastic, extremely flexible and interactive with the record score card. When scores are added to other record types, there isn't a comparable tool. Initiatives have a chart, but adding a scorecar...
Guest 28 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Identify which set of record links are appearing in report columns & dropdown menus

Currently, record link columns AND filter dropdown menus for various record types are all named "Record Link," which is confusing. We would like the ability to distinguish between them.
Emily Millman 29 days ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

SSO webpage in confluence

The new SSO webpage feature is fantastic! But there's still a big problem... the confluence integration does not support it! The 'Add Aha View' option in confluence only works with publicly shared links. It must work with SSO links as well!
Kim Smit 8 months ago in Reports 1 Future consideration