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Update Progress Bar based on Status

Have the option to update the progress bar based on the status of a feature/epic.
Guest 2 months ago in Features 1 Already exists

Show release status on features board

Adding another feature request to gain visibility again to this needed enhancement. Our features board contains a combination of in-progress, scheduled and further out tentative / aspirational releases. We continually forget to change the release ...
Steve Podzamsky almost 3 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Show the feature rank on the feature card details

When viewing an individual feature card (especially after searching for a feature) it is easy to lose context of how important that particular feature is, since you cannot necessarily see it listed against all the other features in the feature boa...
Robert Wood over 2 years ago in Features 3 Future consideration

Enable the ability to automatically sort the feature cards in each workflow column based on either the score or original estimate

This has been requested to provide more default options for sorting.
Donna Sawyer over 6 years ago in Features 8 Future consideration

Prioritisation view - Support Advanced Filters

When using the new prioritisation feature, I cannot easily source my lists to prioritise, as the filter feature doesn't support advanced filter types.
Guest 6 months ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Use feature template when adding feature from Gantt chart

All my workspaces use the same feature flow, and I have feature templates setup for consistency. When I use the "+" button on the toolbar, I can add a feature and use the corresponding template. However, if I'm in a Gantt chart and I choose "New F...
Gianmarco Spiga 11 months ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Provide a Prioritization template to allow a product line or workspace to "fix" default columns for any new prioritization report

Allow a "default" set of columns to be defined for Epic and Feature Prioritization reports. For larger organizations where investments are evaluated in common way, a default view would ensure our teams are consistent in the way this information is...
Chris Lenzo 2 months ago in Features 4 Future consideration

Make more tabs in drawer more obvious

When looking at a record with the drawer open, I thought there were only 4 tabs. Idea: Make more tabs more obvious
Chrissi Bernardo 6 months ago in Application / Features 0 Future consideration

Prevent users from deleting Features

We integrate Aha with JIRA. Aha users are deleting Features which are leaving orphan epics in JIRA. We want to restrict who can delete Features.
Guest about 3 years ago in Features 5 Future consideration

Better manage dropdowns in related to

Trying to link a feature to a release phase and that dropdown seems to have completely random ordering, and it doesn't allow for searching the list against the release name (only the feature phase)
Guest 7 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration