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Add a standard set of requirements to a feature

When using requirements for estimations as an input to roadmap planning, it would be helpful to be able to add a standard set of requirements to the feature, for example where each requirement might identify a different resource type for estimatio...
Guest about 8 years ago in Features 3 Already exists

Add validation tests to user storeis

In order for developers to be able develop exactly what is required, validation or acceptance tests must be added to user stories. Each User Story should be able to have numerous Acceptance/Validation tests. This will assist in assigning effort an...
Guest about 8 years ago in Features 0 Already exists

Allow custom labels for scorecard metrics

It would be great if, instead of just showing the underlying value, the scorecard metrics could use abstract labels... for example, for an 'effort' metric we might use t-shirt sizes such as "Small", "Medium", "Large" and "X-Large" behind the scene...
Guest about 8 years ago in Features 6 Future consideration

Ability to enter 'time logged' quicker and easier across multiple features, releases, products etc

Hi As we are moving more towards Aha time tracking facility, would it be possible to have a quicker/simpler way to enter time. Currently the team log time in 1 hour increments and with upto 8-10 hours a day, this can be upto 8-10 feature cards th...
Guest about 8 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

Prevent feature workflow from moving if a feature is in JIRA already

If the feature taskflow is aligned with the status of features in JIRA, the status of the feature will automatically update in Aha as the feature progresses through the development phase; this is good. What's problematic though is the user can adj...
Dale Burnett about 8 years ago in Features / Jira 0 Will not implement

Selectable field delimiter for CSV files

Using comma as the field delimiter in CSV files does not work well when importing a file in Excel in Sweden. In the Swedish locale a comma is a decimal delimiter and semicolon is used as field delimiter. In Excel it is possible to select delimiter...
Kenneth Palm about 8 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Consistent Matrix\Chart behavior and add to features

The Matrix\Chart view for Initiatives and Goals should have the same behavior as Competitors and Ideas when the axis can be changed to represent different values of a scorecard. Features should have a Matrix view based on score cards
Ryan Thiessen about 8 years ago in Features 6 Future consideration

Bulk convert feature to requirement

I've recently started to use requirements within features more - and see them as a good way to clear a lot of unnecessary detail from feature overviews / reports. However to change a large number of features into requirements is a slow one-by-one ...
Guest about 8 years ago in Features 4 Already exists

Ability to link features to initiatives in 1 screen (bulk) instead of having to open each feature

No description provided
Guest over 8 years ago in Features 2 Already exists

Don't Default Time Estimates to Reflect Start on and Due on Dates When Feature is displayed on the Releases Roadmap View

If you try to clear a feature estimate and the feature is already added to the roadmap, then it fills in the value of the estimate duration automatically to reflect the start on and due on dates. This means that if you try to plan a release and th...
Matt Case over 8 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration