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Add optional date fields or ranges on Requirements

Allow Requirements under features to have Date fields. These could be locked to the feature's date range or allowed to fall outside depending on the organization and how they manage. This would allow for more granular reporting on Features, or t...
Travis Allen about 7 years ago in Features 4 Unlikely to implement

Quick way to reference existing Personas within Features and Requirements.

As a product manager, every day I am creating a new initiative (less often), feature and requirement. In the writing of User Stories, whether it's a feature or a requirement in Aha!, best practice is to mention the person for which the feature wil...
Matt Wagnon about 7 years ago in Features 3 Unlikely to implement

Ability for Reviewers to Score an Idea or Feature

We use the Aha tool for our Product Review Board (PRB) meetings, which consists of a team of product managers and department managers that review the product improvements for our products. We use the Ideas scorecard feature to determine if it is p...
Guest over 7 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

Show related or dependent features indented beneath parent feature in Features Board

Hi there, Like many, we are trying to find the right balance of granularity and manageability for our features. Managing the roadmap and backlog is much easier with multiple features than with the requirements under a feature, since the requireme...
Guest over 8 years ago in Features 1 Unlikely to implement

Easy method to add feature URL to clipboard

Our team needs an straightforward, one-click way to share feature URL's between each other. This functionality should ideally be available in all feature listings.
Guest almost 9 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

Feature board containing different filter-based lists for backlog management

Combine the List filtering capabilities with the feature board's management capabilities: so I have a board, but instead of moving around in explicit releases for a single product, I can define "feature groups" based on filters (like the List fitl...
Guest about 9 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

indicate comments at requirements level

I've commented on a requirement; until I click on the requirement, there's no indication that there's additional information to be seen. On Features' Board and Details views each feature card has a comment counter, but it doesn't reflect comments ...
Chris Waters over 9 years ago in Features 1 Unlikely to implement

Create a separate record for acceptance criteria

I'm new to Aha, and contacted support to ask about recording acceptance criteria. There suggest was to use a template in the 'feature' for both he story & the AC, which to be fair does work. But in the same way we can link requirements to a fe...
Jon Ellis about 6 years ago in Features 1 Unlikely to implement

Would like a setting to control the default ranking of new Features

Currently, new Features that are created or promoted from Ideas into a Release or Parking Lot are put at the top of the list and given the highest ranking. Would like to have a setting to control this, as we would prefer that new Features that are...
cheryl fetchko over 6 years ago in Features 1 Unlikely to implement

Attach from file repository

Maybe a feature is created from an initiative that has a big BRD document attached. Instead of attaching the file again (thus duplicating it in the Files section) we could search and attach previous loaded files (as a pointer to that file).
Alejandro Blaas almost 9 years ago in Features 2 Unlikely to implement