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Have an email address where people can submit emails for new ideas

This would allow me to increase my reach for engaging with new ideas. We are still email based in our communication which makes it hard to manage new ideas. I would rather say if you have a new idea please email xyz and the deal with looking over ...
Guest over 6 years ago in Ideas 0 Already exists

Thumbnail Preview for Aha! links in Slack

It would be great if we could see the description of the idea when posting it through slack (or Workplace). Additionally, if we could vote through the thumbnail/preview, that would be awesome (not sure if this is possible though). Thanks!
Guillem Bergada almost 7 years ago in Ideas / Slack 3 Future consideration

Automation rules for status changes in Ideas Portal

I'm sure it never happens on your Ideas Portal, but often the Ideas that get submitted by our customers lack some key information that we need in order to make prioritization decisions. In those instances we put them in an "on hold or needs more i...
Derek Boriack almost 7 years ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

Link to pre-fill "add a new idea" idea portal page with certain category

Problem: We are expecting to use a great deal of categories for ideas (large amount of products). To make it easier for product teams to get the feedback they need, they would like to provide a link from their product directly into the "Add a new ...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Disallow editing ideas in specific advanced statuses

As an Idea administrator or Product Owner, I'd like the original submitter to be unable to edit the idea that is in-progress or shipped, so it does not look like we implemented their altered narrative. Either admin editable in custom statuses, or...
Guest about 8 years ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

Ability to create Public ideas via the Aha Ideas tab

It appears that when you create ideas from within Aha on the Ideas tab, and not within the Ideas Portal, you cannot default those ideas to be visible to all Ideas Portal users. We go in and update every Idea to be public, so it would save us a bun...
Guest about 5 years ago in Ideas 2 Unlikely to implement

Aha Ideas API - Add attachment via Ideas API

While I can add attachment to an idea from UI and attachments to the comments, I cannot add attachments to an idea from the API.
Arun Ramesh over 5 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Propagate idea changes to feature after idea promotion

All, I realized that if you edit and idea after has been promoted and you change any detail (e.g. potential revenues from 100M$ to 200M$) this information is not updated in the feature associated. This might generate a big issue since the submit...
Riccardo Casiraghi over 5 years ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

Link from mobile app to AHA mobile app idea

We are building a proprietary mobile app for our organization and we would like to add the ability for our APP to link directly to the AHA mobile app idea capture
Guest over 5 years ago in Ideas 2 Unlikely to implement

Restrict Ability to Submit Ideas for a Product

As a Product Manager, I would like to control which products can have ideas. There are a couple of way to provide this capability: disable ideas on a product-by-product basis, restrict ability to create ideas within the portal by user or role, rem...
Tom Beck almost 6 years ago in Ideas 2 Future consideration