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Would Like Custom Templates for My Work

Who would benefit? any user that wants to utilize My Work for standardized notes What impact would it make? More efficient and standard notes How should it work? I would like to inherit custom templates or have a separate section for custom templa...
Jennifer Lange 9 months ago in My work 0 Shipped

Automatically add description from work request when accepting and promoting

When I create a work request, I add the details to the description field, and when it's accepted and promoted to an issue type, I would like to see the two description fields mapped so the content is easily accessible on a single screen that can t...
Nerissa Muijs about 2 years ago in My work / To-dos 1 Shipped

Work request viewing in My Work

When reviewing list of work requests provide the option to filter on a given recipient workspace
Karla Johnson almost 3 years ago in My work 0 Shipped

Hide "Add epic" button on the features page of My work when Epics are disabled in the workspace

There has been a new update that allows users to create Features and/or Epics from the My work area. If Epics are not enabled for our account, users should not have the ability to create an Epic in this area (and they currently can). If we could u...
Megan Sanders over 3 years ago in My work 1 Shipped

Once my requirement on a feature is complete, remove that feature from My Work page

If I own a requirement on a feature that someone else owns, I see this on the My Work page, which is great. My requirement is hidden in a drop down. Once I complete my requirement, I don't want to see the feature on My Work page anymore, because m...
Guest about 4 years ago in My work 0 Shipped

Include Initiatives and Goals in My Work Area

My team utilizes the My Work area to stay on top of managing their Ideas, Features, To-Dos. But what's missing from this My Work area are the Initiatives and Goals. Given these can be assigned to a User it seems like a huge missing component of th...
Phil Warden about 4 years ago in My work 1 Shipped

Adding records from "My Work" screen should automatically assign to the selected user

Adding a feature from the "My Work" screen currently defaults to no assignee, so it doesn't show up on the list that it was expected to be added to, because it has no assignee.
Andrew Vit over 5 years ago in My work 0 Shipped

Customizable dashboard to help plan my day/week

It would be great to have a home page that is a customizable dashboard of all the key Aha! data I need to start my day or week. For example, I could add a view of my current week's editorial calendar activities, list my to-dos for the day/week so ...
Guest over 5 years ago in My work 0 Shipped

My Work Link to Parking Lots

Two ideas, really: Include a link to parking lots just as there are links to releases so that I can quickly get to the parking lot just like I can get to releases. Include the name of the product in addition to the name of the release so that ...
Tom Beck over 6 years ago in My work 0 Shipped

Allow display of assigned master features in "My work" screen

I am able to see an incomplete features list assigned to me, but this view does not include master features and I do not see a setting for this. It would be nice to see this larger scope of work as part of this screen which I am trying to use as a...
Joseph Antrosio about 7 years ago in My work 0 Shipped