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Allow estimates to be entered by Reviewers

Our company has the Enterprise+ license. From discussing in you Online Chat, I've been told it is not possible to have different users on different pricing plans. When Ideas are submitted, it is the development team that come up with either the T-...
Guest over 2 years ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Allow Features in Release Templates

I'm not sure why it's not possible to have features in release templates. Phases and milestones are nice, but features are what actually have the status. This would be especially powerful for recurring releases. For example, I'm manually creating ...
Bob W over 2 years ago in Releases 2 Unlikely to implement

Custom Tables information display

The custom fields that I have created in my custom table that appears in my Ideas Portal requires me to scroll horizontally for columns that are not spaced correctly. I recommend letting the information populate/appear vertically. See attached.
Leah Gralapp over 2 years ago in Ideas 1 Unlikely to implement

Add to-dos to the epic template

I saw that you added templates to epics (ability to standardize the paragraph). Is there any plan to add template to-do's for epics?
Nadim Sobhani over 2 years ago in Epic 1 Unlikely to implement

Shift-Enter Keyboard Shortcut from Requirement Description field starts a new Requirement

As a product manager trying to achieve flow despite my ADHD, I need to be able to keep my hands on the keyboard when cranking out my GWTs so that I can work fast and not get distracted. Given that a user is creating a new Requirement when the user...
Guest over 2 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

Remove (dashboard panel) text to report titles

Every time a report is added to a dashboard, that report's name is updated to include the text (dashboard panel). If it is added to two dashboard, then it will append (dashboard panel)(dashboard panel). This makes the report title unusable at time...
Karie Kelly almost 3 years ago in Reports 2 Unlikely to implement

Issue with Strategy Roadmap display

When I have initiative planned say for example, 2 releases, first one in the 2nd qtr, 2021 and 2nd one in 4th quarter, 2021, strategic roadmap doesn't reflect it correctly. It shows continues bar going from April 1st, 2021 until end of the year gi...
Ram Dhurjati almost 3 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Unlikely to implement

For Capacity Planning for Teams can we add the capacity for a team to a monthly value versus a hrs/week.

Effectively we want to replace the capacity calculation with a manual monthly value
Mike Jacobson almost 3 years ago in Application 1 Unlikely to implement

Allow for two-way mapping to Jira with Initiatives

Many of our product team don't understand why we can't map the Initiative field to a custom field in Jira and have it populate in Aha from the Jira ticket. It seems unintuitative because all of the other linked fields we use can be populated from ...
Max O. almost 3 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Unlikely to implement

Click outside of the "Edit data" box to get out of the pivot chart editing screen

Often times, I accidentally click "edit data" while in the pivot chart view and would have to click on the small x in the upper right to access the rest of the page. This improvement would allow for users to more quickly get out of the screen when...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Reports 0 Unlikely to implement