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Fix typos in Stories prioritization views on button and confirmation

What is the challenge? The word "Storys" should be stories How would you solve it? Correct the spelling What impact would it make? Very low, but visually pleasing
Nicole Downes 26 days ago in Features 0 Planning to implement

Custom Notifications for Ideas Portal

What is the challenge? Our customers can't get notified when a new discussion is posted in our Ideas Portal, some customers are adamant about responding to other customers and often forget until they get the weekly summary. How would you solve it?...
Vincent G 26 days ago in User management 0 Future consideration

Add a field to USERS to identify Consultants or outside resources.

What is the challenge? Trying to identify consultants or outside resources hired/brought in to work on projects and be able to pull reports for capacity, associated cost or HR. How would you solve it? Add a field to be checked with a dropdown to a...
Guest 26 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Intelligently reduce fields shown when adding fields to a report

What is the challenge? When I am building a report, every time I go to add a field to a report, I get a dropdown showing every possible field associated with that record. Fields for every custom workflow for every workflow in the account, tons of ...
Max Robbins 26 days ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

Ability to change "Relates to" linked records to another record type

What is the challenge? By default related records are of type "related to" even though that is not always the best way to corrolate record types. It would be great to switch to the correct record type such as "release notes for" How would you solv...
Aaron Weinberg 26 days ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Need template to plan/define/capture Metrics for my product

What is the challenge? no template to work on metrics How would you solve it? new template What impact would it make? defining metrics ahead of the product lifecycle helps us monitor our progress
Guest 26 days ago in Strategy 0 Already exists

Values in drop-downs for filters in reports would be based on the actual results, not all valid values

What is the challenge? We have a sales territory hierarchy and so the valid values of one field depends on the previous other values chosen. However right now, if choose the USA as an Area, I still have choices like England and Spain for the Regio...
Matt Kalan 26 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Reporting on the Custom Terminology

What is the challenge? Is there a way to report on across the Account Level to see any product line / workspace that has custom terminology? How would you solve it? It would allow Admins to filter on the different custom terminology being used? Wh...
Mike Jacobson 26 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Include Organizations in Automation rules

What is the challenge? When integrating Organizations/Contacts data from external source, I want to be able to do automated operations using rules when entries are created and/or updated + introduce possibility to use equations as part of the set ...
Mats Hultgren 26 days ago in Ideas 2 Future consideration

Allow for custom domains for KBs

What is the challenge? Customers would like to configure a custom domain for their KBs. How would you solve it? Allow the user to specify a custom domain, similar to what already exists for ideas portals. What impact would it make? Easier access t...
Emily Yankush 28 days ago in Knowledge base / Notes 0 Planning to implement