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narrow list of items in filters used in reports

What is the challenge? when creating a report that exposes filters, consumers find it difficult to use as the filter dropdown shows everything for the entire account instead of the list of items represented in the report. What is the impact? we ha...
Joe Granville 21 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

ability to reference other fields within Aha record when using Draft with Ai

What is the challenge? When using draft with AI and basing the prompt on data that is already within Aha, it is necessary to have multiple windows or documents open in order to provide the prompt with the key points. What is the impact? The abilit...
Austin Wheat 22 days ago in Notes 2 Future consideration

Email body table

What is the challenge? Hard to read these emails I get about updates. See attached screenshot What is the impact? Makes the email useless, I tend to ignore these now Describe your idea UI update on formation for this type of update?
Guest 23 days ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Likely to implement

Allow custom footer to KB pages

What is the challenge? Certain copyright, legal, etc. information must be included on each KB page. Right now, this text would need manually added to the bottom of each article. If it ever needed changed, each article would need edited. What is th...
Emily Yankush 23 days ago in Knowledge base / Notes 1 Future consideration

Embed a webpage within a Note in a KB

What is the challenge? When creating documentation to share in a Knowledge Base, sometimes you want to include information from another site. Currently you have to either : Copy and paste that content into the KB, so you have to maintain it in two...
Emily Yankush 23 days ago in Knowledge base / Notes 1 Future consideration

WIP Limits For Epic/Feature Kanban

What is the challenge? We want to use WIP Limits to accelerate delivery, but there is no way to do that on the Workflow views What is the impact? We have to count Epics/Features to see if we're exceeding our WIP limits Describe your idea Allow an ...
Lorena Connolly 24 days ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Proxy Vote with a named Organization Contact should be visible "to that Organization"

What is the challenge? Currently an AHA internal user can proxy vote but that idea does not automatically become visible to that Organization unless it is set to "visible to all" What is the impact? Cannot isolate ideas between customers Describe ...
David Goodwin 24 days ago in Voting 0 Future consideration

Add Custom Fields to To-Do Card Customization

What is the challenge? Unable to add Custom Fields to To-Do Cards What is the impact? Unable to display the data in a To-Do Custom Field on a Calendar View Describe your idea Add Custom Fields to the To-Do Card Customization (Or to The Calendar Ca...
Lorena Connolly 25 days ago in To-dos 0 Likely to implement

Allow Calendar View for Custom Tables

What is the challenge? Currently cannot create a calendar view for custom tables What is the impact? default to little used fields on records Describe your idea As we put more focus on the Organizational Change Management efforts to introduce a ne...
Lorena Connolly 25 days ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Add Brand Colors To The Color Pallet

What is the challenge? Would Like it to be easier to add/select brand colors to the color pallet What is the impact? Constant referral to our brand guidelines to find the hex number to plug into the color selection pallet Describe your idea Would ...
Lorena Connolly 25 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration