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A notebook template for a RAID log

Who would benefit? all teams What impact would it make? help track risks and decisions which are a key governance requirement How should it work?
Guest 9 days ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Add filters to reports published to internal idea portals without having to also publish the report as a public web page

Who would benefit? Field organizations using internal idea portals to submit proxy votes on behalf of customers and reviewing customer enhancement requests by organizations in reports published to idea portal pages. What impact would it make? The ...
Guest 11 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Improve performance of list reports shared to pages in an idea portal

Who would benefit? Portal users who use list reports What impact would it make? It would save time and increase the likelihood that portal users stick around to use the list. As it currently stands it takes such a long time to render large lists t...
Guest 11 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Display color coding for custom fields that reference other records on Prioritization page

Who would benefit? Users who utilize custom fields on the Prioritization page to color code their work. What impact would it make? This would make the information easier to parse and more visually appealing. How should it work? General custom fiel...
Maria Plotkina 12 days ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Move comments with shape

Who would benefit? whiteboard users What impact would it make? work faster How should it work? for shapes with comments, when the shape is moved, automatically move the comment with it and keep the comment on the same place on the shape
Guest 12 days ago in Whiteboards 0 Already exists

Creating and Associating multiple epics with step in Features -> User Story Mapping

Who would benefit? Product planners What impact would it make? save so much time having to drag and drop and rearrange as you scale out/add detail to your user story maps How should it work? In user story mapping practice, you usually create the s...
Guest 12 days ago in User story map 0 Future consideration

Ability to Configure Default View (Drawer / Details) for Records

Who would benefit? All Aha users What impact would it make? Provide consistent and optionable record viewing experience to users. How should it work? Provide the Drawer and Details view options in personal setting per user preference on viewing ...
Hank Liu 12 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Ability to Configure Epic View as Default for all workspace views (Board / Priortization)

Who would benefit? Enterprises who maintain Epic only or use Epic as primary record type. What impact would it make? Reduce confusion. The teams are currently directed to feature view on the board and prioritization view by default. Per Aha concie...
Hank Liu 13 days ago in Epic 0 Future consideration

Order / Distinguish Workspaces in Users CSV Export File

Who would benefit? Aha admins and workspace owners who would like to get user access information from the users csv export file. What impact would it make? Easier to find relevant information from the csv file Admin is able to develop script to tr...
Hank Liu 13 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Allow capacity estimates as primary record in list and pivot reports

Who would benefit? Users of capacity planning for teams What impact would it make? Using capacity estimates as the primary record on list and pivot reports would allow users to filter by fields on the Team record. How should it work? I would like ...
Evan Hollohan 13 days ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration