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Create an exhaustive, singular list of all permissions held by an Aha! workspace owner

In the Aha knowledge portal there should be a list of everything a user who is granted "owner" permissions can do. Currently one has to navigate between several lists- such as the one for ideas and roadmaps. Automations, however, isn't a feature o...
Suzie McCarthy about 14 hours ago in Training 0

Training for Capacity and Dependency capabilities

would really appreciate a learning session focused on best practices for utilizing and reporting on Dependency and capacity capabilities
Mary Vanausdale 20 days ago in Training 1 Already exists

Add Closed Captions to existing videos and tutorials available via Aha! Support.

Please improve accessibility of your training videos by adding closed captioning to your existing videos and tutorials. Currently there are only options to adjust quality, volume and speed.
David Willequer 4 months ago in Training 0 Planning to implement

Exam Format

Not being able to easily go backwards and forwards in the exam for the certification program is frustrating. Being able to re-review my work would have been better.
Guest 6 months ago in Training 0 Future consideration

A better way to find Aha! on the internet

Aha as a brand is killing the product and experience, as I can't find anything on the internet by searching for Aha!, or Aha, or Aha product management. I can't find forum posts, help articles, examples of workflows, nothing.. I tend to prefer inf...
Guest 7 months ago in Training 0 Future consideration

Aha! Training/Certification Program

Most software provides some sort of "super user" training that will enable a user to be very well versed in the product so they can communicate tips and tricks to others without of the burden of having everyone review a long video in order to get ...
Rachelle S 11 months ago in Training 0 Already exists

Aha! Roadmaps initial set up basics

GOAL: Provide a guided tour with hands-on activities for how to set up your initial workspace configuration | CLASS MATERIAL IDEAS: Walk through end-to-end basic setup steps of company parent line with product workspaces, Hands-on activities with ...
Matt Case almost 2 years ago in Training 0 Future consideration

Aha! Develop training

GOAL: Offer training on Aha! Develop | CLASS MATERIAL IDEAS: Capacity planning, Extensions, Methodology use cases: Sprint planning, Kanban workflow board, ...
Julie Price almost 2 years ago in Training 1 Future consideration

Aha! Ideas training class

GOAL: Training on Aha! Ideas | CLASS MATERIAL IDEAS: Idea portal best practices, Empathy sessions, In-app feedback.
Julie Price almost 2 years ago in Training 0 Future consideration
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Advanced functionality training

GOAL: Provide training on more advanced functionality | CLASS MATERIAL IDEAS: Capacity planning, Budgeting, Advanced administration Automations Worksheets Custom tables Integrations (Dev tools, Confluence etc.)
Julie Price almost 2 years ago in Training 1 Future consideration