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REST API: Ability to only list idea votes and comments updated since a given date

Currently, when listing Idea Votes and Idea Comments for a given Idea through the REST API, all records are returned. It would benefit consumers of the REST API to be able to specify an updated_since query string parameter so that only record upda...
Uri Goldstein 13 days ago in API 0 Future consideration

Allow exporting the schema of a scorecard through the API

When developing tools which use the Aha! REST API, it can be useful to check the schema that scorecards for a specific workspace/product use, in order to visualize this data. Currently, this can only be achieved by directly loading e.g. Ideas and ...
Guest 19 days ago in API 0 Future consideration

Need REST API to list team members (capacity planning)

We’re using capacity planning in and defined our teams and team members (users) there. Vast majority of the users (engineers) are Virtual Users (they do not need to access, we used them only for planning purposes). I’ve tried to use ...
Guest 27 days ago in API 0 Future consideration

Make rest API for getting the list to-do that are not associated with any product

Need the rest API which gives list of to-dos that are not associated with any productThe scope of the to-do can be user level and global, means gives list of all to-do in the instance (doesn't matter who created , and assign to) which is not assoc...
Guest about 1 month ago in API 0 Future consideration

Add user first name and last name fields to Get User API response

Currently Aha stores user first and last names. In the get user and list users REST API response objects, those fields are combined into one field: name. So John and Doe just get returned as John Doe. This causes problems when you have many differ...
Guest about 2 months ago in API 0 Future consideration

Ability to query on custom fields in API

We need to query on a custom field, SF Account ID, on the Aha record, to determine if an account has already been created in Aha. Because we can't do this, we are constantly creating duplicate accounts in Aha that need to be manually removed.
Sara Olson 3 months ago in API 2 Future consideration

see who else is in the workspace

It would be useful to see who else is currently "in" your workspace
Danielle Martinez 4 months ago in API 2 Future consideration

Aha! API Entity Relationship Diagram/Data Model Documentation

Hi Aha! We would like to have a full understanding on how the various Aha! API endpoints ( relate to each other. Understood there is some customer facing documentation that explains the high-level of the Aha! Data Model. The...
Mike Champlin 6 months ago in API 0 Future consideration

Ability to create custom_pivot reports programatically

I have created one custom_pivot report from the UI. Now I'd like to duplicate this report 20 times and change one value in one filter. Is there a way to do this through the API? Something that would allow me to export a custom_pivot definition as ...
Guest 6 months ago in API 0 Future consideration

Fire Webhook when feature tags on a feature are Added/Removed/Changed

Currently we have a custom integration we have built between Aha and GitLab. This is going OK, but when a feature tag is updated, it does not trigger an appropriate webhook to allow us to carry the changes over to GitLab. This is causing problems,...
Guest 6 months ago in API 0 Future consideration